#55. A Ship Without a Rudder

1-3: cough
4: We got hit!!
5: Smoke is filling the room!!
sfx: sploosh
6: Do you think we can stop it!?
7: We can!!
8: Take the commander into the medical roooom!!

sfx: rumble x2
1: The enemy ship is getting closer to us...
2: Reception 1...
3: What should we do?
4: The enemy aircraft knows exactly where we are!
5: Dive...

1: Dive and get out of here as quickly as possible!!
2: First, dive down to 80m deep!! Prepare for depth charges!!
3: Bring the Kaiten crew back inside immediately!!
4: The Kaiten can only withstand up to 80m of depth!!
5: After recovering them, we need to dive to 100m to escape the depth charges!!
6: Bring the Kaiten crew back inside right nooooow!!

1: Where did he get hit!?
2: Right breast!!
3: The bullet passed through his body!!
4: He's bleeding like crazy!!
5: Let me go!!
6: I can still go out!!
7: Please repair the Kaiten right now!!
8: Stop it!! Didn't you hear the orders to come back inside!?
9: Give it up!!
10: Your Kaiten's done for!!
11: Uoooooooohhh!!

1: Depth 60m!! Moving full speed ahead!!
2: Reception 2! Reception increasing!
3: We stopped the flooding in the torpedo firing room!! Good!! Now drain it!! Within 10 minutes!!
sfx: sploosh
4: What should we do?
5: Go back inside?
6: We have no choice, do we?
7: We were ordered to...
8: B-but...!

1: Where's the Kaiten crew!?
2: If we get hit by a depth charge at this height, they'll be obliterated!!
3: Propeller noise increasing!!
4: Two enemy ships are searching for us!!
sfx: gyoor x5
5: Reception 3!!
6: They're coming straight for us!!

1: This is #1, Watanabe...
2: Command, please come in.
3: This is #1, Watanabe.
4: Please respond,.
5: What are you doing!?
6: The Kaiten crew need to come back inside the ship at once!!
7: Forgive me for my arrogance, but going back inside is a mistake.

1: Hey...
2: Are you saying you aren't going to follow your orders?
3: No...
4: It's just that everything's gone according to plan so far.
5: If you're only hearing two enemy propellers...
6: then that means the enemy has split into two, just like we hoped they would.
7-9: shoor
sfx: shoor x4
10: No...
11: You need to come back inside at once!

1: Our plan is succeeding...
2: Now is our chance to fire the Kaiten.
3: Do want to abandon our chance for victory!?
4: The enemy is afraid of us...

1: The enemy has had their guard up for 5 hours now, ever since they found our scout.
2: They have ally subs lining their route... They're navigating in a perfect formation.
3: But then they found mines on their route...
4: It became clear to them that enemy subs were nearby. Then they saw us surfacing far away.
5: The enemy believes that there are several Japanese submarines lurking in the water...
6: That's why, even though they found us,
7: they only sent two ships after us!

1: When we're afraid of the enemy...
2: they're afraid of us too!
sfx: fssssh x2

sfx: twitch...
sfx: fssh x3

sfx: fssssh
1: No...
2: All Kaiten crew, come back inside.

1: The plan is succeeding!!
2: Now is our chance to fire the Kaiten!
sfx: murmur x2
3: Please come back!!
4: You shouldn't be moving around yet!!

1: 2nd Petty Officer Watanabe is right...
2-3: haaa...
4: The Kaiten crew should stay in their vessels...

1: The enemy aircraft knows exactly where we are...
2-3: haaaa...
4: It is no longer possible for us to escape them...
5: But the conditions are still favorable...
6-7: haaaa...
8: The enemy thinks we'll escape...
9: They plan to corner us as we run around...
10: They probably think they can sink us with depth charges...

1: Which means we need to stay put and take them on...!!
2: Turn the ship around and go up to 18m...
2-3: haaaa...
4: When we reach 18m...
5: we will face our enemy...!!

1: Prepare for Kaiten battle!
2: Kaiten crew, prepare to be fired...!
3: The enemy isn't considering the possibility...
4: that we'll stand up to them...
5: I promise I'll hit them...

1: Good...
2: I'm counting on you...
sfx: thud