1: Three minutes have passed.
2: Communication's been restored.
3: Have you finished saying goodbye?
4: From this point forward, I will not hesitate to order you all to attack.
5: I believe each and every one of you wouldn't want me to let sympathy cloud my judgment, either.
6: From this moment on, you are no longer of this world...

1: You are weapons.

1: It's almost been 3 and a half hours since we fired the mines....
2: We're slowly moving toward our goal,
3: and we'll easily be there in 30 minutes.
4: The mines will reach the enemy's route in 30 minutes, at 17:00...
5: At the same time, we'll arrive at the torpedo firing point.

1: Which means that the battle will begin in 30 minutes.
top: Enemy Route
mid left: Enemy Convoy
mid right: Minefield
bottom right: I-53
2: After we arrive at our goal point, I will immediately take us up.
3: After surfacing, we will move along the water at full speed...
4: in order to let the enemy know where we are.
5: Afterwards, we will dive and let the enemy come and search for us.
6: The enemy still doesn't know that the Kaiten can be fired while the submarine is moving...

1: Stay concentrated!
2: This is our chance the show the entire American army
3: the true power of the Kaiten!!

sfx: fssssh x2

1: Uh... Umm...
2: What will happen if the enemy doesn't set off the mines?
3: What do you mean?
4: The ocean is wide....
5: They may completely miss the mines...
6: Or perhaps they've already changed course.
7: And even if they haven't, they may have slowed down to be more cautious.
8: What if they arrive at that point on the course later than the mines?

1: You're right...
2: The situation could always change.
3: And we don't have any way of knowing what's going on right now...
4: But I believe that the enemy will arrive at the point on schedule.
5: I believe that they'll cross paths with the minefield... And I believe that the enemy will find them.
6: We did all we could...
7: Now all we can do is believe.

1: This is my destiny...
2: And if this is my destiny, then the enemy will definitely find the mines.

1: Once they enemy finds the mines, they will start sweeping them...
2: They'll probably set them off with machinegun fire.
3: The sound of those explosions will sound the gong for us.

sfx: fsssh x6
sfx: fsssh...

1: Fire...

sfx: ratatatat
sfx: ratatatatatat
1-2: tink
sfx: ratatatat
sfx: poof

sfx: kaboooooom

1-2: haaaaa
3: Good...
4: The first step of our plan was a success.
5: clank
6: Attention all crew members.

1: Prepare for battle!!
2: We're going uuuuup!!