#49. The Commander's Decision

1: I see...
2: So we just need to use the Kuroshio...
3: If we can split the enemy up into two groups...
4: Then we won't need to move the enemy subs off the route.
5: We just need to lure the guard sips off of the route instead.
6: We're going up now...
7: I want to let the enemy know where we are.

1: We'll let them find us...
2: then turn the tables on them.

3-5: klak
sfx: bwap
6: First, I want to explain the conditions.
7: The convoy is probably going to follow this route.
8: There will be enemy subs lurking in the water around this area...
9: And this spot is our current location.

top left: Route
top middle text: Enemy Enemy
bottom right text: Current Location
1: First, we'll get near the route and fire mines...
sfx: skritch
2: Fire...
3: mines?
4: That's right.
5: We'll dive and fire drifting mines.

1: Sea mines are just the same as ground mines.
2: When something touches them, they explode. Once the enemy realizes they've entered an area filled with mines, they'll slow down.
3: When the enemy discovers a mine, they'll stop there for a moment,
4: then they'll begin sweeping the area.
5: Meanwhile...
6: They'll also start looking for the one who set the mines.
7: Which means they'll come looking for us.

1: We'll separate the guard ships from the convoy...
2: And when they close in on us, we'll fire the torpedoes.
3: We'll lie in wait for the enemy to separate from its mother ship...
4: then we'll round them up and take them out with torpedoes.
sfx: drip...
5: Will it really go that well?

1: First, how are we supposed to get close to the enemy?
2: There are enemy subs lying in wait around them...
3: They'll find us before we can set any mines.
4: And if that happens, we won't be able to pull the guard ships away and take them out.
5: Think back...
6: The leftover food we found was what we had thrown away 3 days ago...
7: The material we threw away 40km away from here rode along the Kuroshio Current...
8: and floated down here in about 60 hours.

1: 40km in 60 hours...
2: How many meters does that make per hour?
3: 40 km divided by 60 hours... is 600 m...
4: Which means that the Kuroshio moves north at a speed of 600m per hour.
5: Even if the convoy does pass through the minefield in 4 hours from now...
6: We just need to fire the mine from 660 x 4 = 2.6 km to the south.
7: This is it...
8: If we fire the mine from here and let it ride on the Kuroshio...
9: We'll be able to deliver mines there without having to get near the route ourselves.

1: I see...
2: So we're going to let the mines drift on the current until they crosses paths with the enemy.
3: That may allow us to plant mines without being detected....
4: We can do this!
5: Wait.
6: Even if the mine does manage to pass through the enemy's route...
7: There's no guarantee that the enemy will come out to search in the area that we need them to be in.
8: They might even sent out a destroyer to search...
9: The worst possible match for our submarine.

1: If the enemy finds us before we can attack,
2: depth charges will rain down upon us,.
3: That's why I want us to go up...

1: After we fire the mines from under the surface,
2: we'll quietly leave the scene...
3: And put enough distance between us
4: so that they won't know where the mines were fired from.
top text: Mine
middle text: Fire Point
bottom text: I-53
5: Then, four hours later...
6: When they convoy arrives, we'll immediately rise up to the surface.
7: Won't the enemy notice us?
8: The convoy will tighten their defenses in an instant.
9: Then we'll be stuck with a destroyer chasing after us...

1: That's what we want to happen.
2: When the convoy arrives...
3: What will be in front of them?
4: A mine...
5: That's right.

1: The moment the convoy detects the mines,
2: they'll know that we're in a completely different location.
3: We want to make them think that there are several Japanese subs lurking in the water around them...
4: They'll get confused...
5: and guard ships will be sent out to search the surrounding area.
6: Only a few of those ships will actually come out to find us.
7: Then we'll dive back down and quietly wait...

1: Until we can fire torpedoes right into their side.
2: It really does seem like that'll allow us to split up our enemies...
3: But...
4: It doesn't mean we'll have less enemies to face.

1: Even if this plan is a success...
2: We're not up against one ship here.
3: And even if we can sink several ships...
4: Afterwards, the enemy will launch a full-scale attack on us.
5: We won't be able to escape from that.
6: Aren't you forgetting something?

1: We have the Kaiten...
2: We'll use these 6 Kaiten to annihilate the enemy.

1: Bzzt. Attention all crew members!
2: This sub will now be preparing for battle.
3: Everyone to your posts!
4: Our sub will travel northwest at a slow speed.
5: Afterwards, we will fire a drifting mine and then leave the area.
6: The battle is scheduled to begin 4 hours from now.
7: We will engage in torpedo and Kaiten warfare.

1: Kaiten crew members, prepare to board your vessels.