#44. Two Under the Moonlight

1: On April 1st, 1945, American forces invaded Okinawa.
2: With over 540,000 soldiers on the ground, it became the largest ground mission in the Pacific War.
3: On the same day, the Japanese Imperial headquarters launched Operation Heaven One.
4: On April 6th, the Japanese battleship Yamato sailed down the Inland Sea toward Okinawa.
5: On the next day, the American forces discovered Yamato,
6: and launched a concentrated attack on it comprising over 1,000 aircrafts.

1: On April 7th, at 14:23, the Yamato sunk,
2: and the Japanese Imperial Navy's Combined Fleet was destroyed.

sfx: rattle x4
sfx: rumble
sfx: ratatatatat

sfx: boom
sfx: ratatatatat

sfx: blam
sfx: ratatatat
sfx: boom x3
sfx: dash x2

1: On June 23rd,
2: Lieutenant General Ushijima of the Okinawa Military Headquarters committed suicide in a cave at Mabuni Hill.
grave 1: Lieutenant General
3: With this, Japan's organized resistance in Okinawa came to an end.
4: By this point, 65,000 Japanese soldiers and 150,000 Okinawan citizens had died.

1-2: knock
2: Commander Sakakura.
3: I'm sorry for coming to you at night.
4: Commander!
5-6: knock
7: I have a request for you!
8: Please send me out!!
9: I can't bear to sit here and watch this happen any longer!!

1-6: klak
1: Just what am I?
2: I'm sure that right now...
3: an air raid is happening in some other town, and tons of people are getting killed...
4: Losing their houses, being torn away from their families...
5: Drowning in fear, frantic and lost in a sea of flames...

1: If a soldier can't protect anyone...
2: Then what should he exist for?
3: Someone's there?

1: Commander Sakakura...
2: 2nd Petty Officer Watanabe?
3: What are you doing out here so late?
4: I'm sorry...
5: I couldn't sleep, so I decided to walk around.

1: Every night, around this time, someone knocks on my door and begs me to deploy them.
2: I'm at a loss about what to do, because I don't want to discourage them.
3: Everyone comes to my room...
4: with indomitable resolve in their hearts.
5: I can't sleep when I'm in my room either...

1: I suppose this is a good chance for us, though...
2: There's something I've been meaning to tell you.
3: It's about your hometown, and the air strike.
4: After our meeting, I used a connection to investigate.
5: There were other soldiers whose families were also affected by the air strikes...
6: so I wanted to gather as much information as I could.
7: Three days ago...
8: I found out what happened to your family.

1: Everyone in your family
2: died.

1: I'm sorry to say this...
2: but your family members' names were not on the survivor list.
3: You're lying...
4: The row house where your family lived was burned down...
5: and your siblings' and father's corpses were discovered in the remains.
6: Apparently, your mother passed away outside, in a slightly removed location.
sfx: smack...

1: Mom...
2: Dad...
3: Hisao...
4: Yukio...
5: Shiro...
6-8: You're lying...
sfx: drip x3

1: Japan is cornered...
2: And we've already lost Yamato, from the Sixth Fleet.
3: Now the Navy has no chance of winning in the water.
4: After Okinawa, the American forces will target mainland Japan next.
5: And when that happens, they're massacre all of us.

1: The only ones who can change that...
2: are us, the Kaiten Squad.
3: I'm sorry...
4: But it looks like I'll have to retract another order I gave to you.
5: Very soon...
6: the Kaiten Squad will take on the full burden of the fate of the Empire and launch a full-scale attack.

1: I order you...
2: to ride in a Kaiten in the final battle.