#43. Unable to Become Anything

sfx: rumble x2
1: B-29s!!
2: It's a large formation of B-29s!!

1: On May 10th, 1945,

1: 117 B-29s launched an air strike on Tokuyama.

sfx: weeooo x11
1-2: Air strike alarm!!
3: All men, to your posts!!
4: Air strike alarrrrm!!
sfx: dash

1: Goddamn you...
sfx: dash
2: H...
3: Hey...
4: Where are you going, 2nd Petty Officer Watanabe!?

sfx: weeoo x5
1-4: haa
5: I'm gonna kill them...
6-8: haa

1: Yesterday, a B-29 appeared over Kyushu...
2: and the town where your family lived fell victim to an air strike.
3: I'll get to see you again, won't I?
4: This is for you guys.
5: I brought a lot of caramels home for you.
6: So sweeet!
7: When will you be back next?

1: I'm gonna kill them!!

1: 2nd Petty Officer Watanabe.
2: What are you doing here?
3: You're the guard for the lower watch tower, right?
4: Stay at your post.
5-6: haaaa
7: Outta the waaaaaaaaay!!
8-9: haaaa

1: I'm gonna shoot them down!!
sfx: fssh x2
2: Stop! 2nd Petty Officer Watanabe!!
3: What are you trying to do!?

1: I'm gonna kill them!!
2: The enemy is heading for Tokuyama, on the opposite shore!!
3: We aren't their targets!!
4: This island is a secret base!!
5: Do you want to tell the enemy where we are!?
6: I'm gonna kill them!!
7: Stop!!
8: If you fire, they'll only kill us too!!
9: The Kaiten each have 1.5 tons of explosives in them!!
10: If we get bombed, we'll all be blown to bits!!

1: Hold him down!!
2: Don't let him get near the cannon!!
3: They stole everything...
4: They stole everything from me...

sfx: boooom x2
sfx: boom x3
1: Goddamn you...

1-2: Goddamn youuuuuuuu

1: In May, America's indiscriminate air strikes on Japan grew even more violent.
2: Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, and Kobe were the first cities to be targeted, followed by Yokohama and Tokuyama.
3: In one month, 10,000 had been killed, and in June, even more air strikes happened.
4: Meanwhile, 4 Special Attack squads were created within the Kaiten squad,
5: and 11 submarines with 55 Kaiten were deployed.
6: According to research done on the Japanese side after the war, this missions succeeded in sinking two American ships and damaging 4 others.
7: There are no records confirming this on the American side.

1: I'm empty...
2: I can't fight...
3: nor can I protect anyone.
4: Why did I become a soldier?
5: Why do I exist?

1: What am I?