#26. The Palao Sea

1: Departure preparations complete!!
2: Raise the anchor!!
sfx: rattle x4
3: Moving ahead at a slow speed!!
4: Quietly proceeding!!
sfx: rumble x2

1: On January 4, 1945,

#26. The Palao Sea

2: the newly-repaired I-53 left Tanegashima Island and set out to continue its mission.

1: Move into defense formation 3.
2: We are now going to begin an undersea attack.
3: Our destination is Kossol Roads in Palao. We are scheduled to arrive on January 15th,
4: where we will finally complete our mission as the Adamantine Squad of the Kaiten Special Attack forces.
5: Let's do this...
6: It's time to avenge Sekiguchi...
7: We need to cross beyond Sekiguchi's corpse and find our own graves...
8: That's the only place where we can die...

1: Diiiiive!!
sfx: fsssh

1: The advance was a very quiet once, compared to what had happened so far.
2: During the day, they proceeded underwater, while at night, they moved above water to preserve energy. It would take them 10 days to reach Palao.

1: The ship was covered in wounds,
2: and the repairs that had been done to it were nothing more than temporary fixes.
3: If they were bombed again, they would disappear into the depths of the sea.

1: There were a lot of limitations to their life inside the cramped ship.
2: Since water was so scarce, their usage was strictly monitored.
3: Crew members rarely got to bathe,
4: and couldn't even wipe off their sweat.
5: One week after they departed,
6: everyone had grown a beard.
7: After running out of perishables,
8: their diet mainly consisted of canned food.

1: Meanwhile, since the Kaiten crew had no responsibilities until the mission began,
2: they just stared at the sea charts over and over and went over the plan.
3: The only other thing they could do was slowly count
4: the amount of time they had left to live.

sfx: fssssh
sfx: sploosh

1: Begin checking at once!!
2: Want a smoke?
3: No...
4: I don't smoke.

1: The air outside really tastes good...
2: It tastes like sashimi.
3: Hahaha! Then I guess cigarettes are like wasabi.
4: Their spice makes the air taste even better.
5: chk
6: suuuuck

1: cough cough cough
2: Hahahaha!
3: It's so quiet...
4: Kinda hard to believe things ever got as noisy as they did...
5: Sekiguchi may be protecting us right now...

1: On January 15th,
2: the I-53 arrived at Kossol Roads as planned.

1: How does it look, commander?
2: Well... They've got antisubmarine patrol planes and destroyers there.
3: According to the scout report, they walled off part of the port.
4: I can see a convoy of transport ships farther back...
5: 7... 8 ships...

1: Be on full guard...
2: Attacking this anchorage won't be easy.