#21. The Sea I Sink In

sfx: boom x2
sfx: splash x2
sfx: boom x4

sfx: doooom x2

#21. The Sea I Sink In

sfx: doooom x3

sfx: boom x3
sfx: blub x3
sfx: boooooom

1: This is Sekiguchi's vessel.
2: Command tower, come in.
3: Command tower, this is Sekiguchi's vessel.
4: No damage. You may fire at any time.
5: Hurry!!
6: Replace the parts ASAP!!
sfx: boooom x2

1: This is Sekiguchi's vessel!!
2: Please come in, commander!!
3-4: This is Sekiguchi's vessel!!
5: Get out of the Kaiten for a minute!
sfx: boooom
6: We'll begin the plan when we've confirmed the condition of the other one!!
sfx: boooom
7: How's the other one!?
sfx: craaaash
8: It's no good!!

1: The transport tunnel is in the torpedo firing room, and that's flooded!!
2: We can't even get near the Kaiten!!
sfx: splooooosh x2
3: Currently, the watertight door is shut, and the torpedo room is sealed off!!
4: We won't be able to drain it unless we go up!!
5: If we open the watertight door, the ship will sink!!

sfx: kabooooom
sfx: booooom
1: The torpedo firing room is submerged!!
2: We can't fight back now!!
3: We've lost our torpedos!!
sfx: boom
4: All we have left is one Kaiten!!
5: Go down 15 more meters!!
sfx: boom booooom
6: We'll get down to 115 meters deep and avoid the depth charges!!

1: I'm sorry, but we're abandoning the Kaiten!!
2: Please wait...
3: If you're just going to throw them away, then please just let me get in that one...
4: No!!
5: A Kaiten isn't something that just anyone can control!!
6: Especially in a sea of depth charges! The only one who could control it is Sekiguchi himself!!
7: And Sekiguchi is an injured soldier right now!!

sfx: boooooom
1: Gwaaahh!!
sfx: crash

sfx: boooom x3
sfx: rumble
1: If we take any more damage, we'll never be able to get back up!!
2: Dive!!
3: Diiiiiive!!
sfx: klak

1: Sekiguchi!!

1: I...
2: I'll go...!!

1: What are you saying... Sekiguchi...
2: You're an injured soldier...
3-4: haa
5: Once I get in the Kaiten, I'm a dead man anyway...
6-8: haa
9: What does it matter if I'm injured or not?
10: I don't want to just sink to the bottom of the ocean like this...
11: Otherwise why did I even come all this way!?

1: Please, commander!!
2: Please let me attack!!
sfx: blub x3
sfx: boooom x2
3: We won't be able to escape...
4: unless we sink at least one of them.
5: Don't be ridiculous...
6: It looks like you can barely even stand up.
7: You don't need your legs to control a Kaiten...
8: I won't have any trouble...

sfx: boooom x3
sfx: clang
1: Waahh!!
sfx: booooom x2
sfx: boom

1: I'm not done yet...
2-3: haaaa
4: This day...
5: is what I was born for...