#15. To the Sea of Battle

1: On December 25th, the Kaiten Special Attack forces deployed the Adamantine squad.
2: I-53 was headed to Kossol Roads on Palao Island. The attack was scheduled to begin on January 11, 1945.

1-3: Banzaaai!
4-6: sploosh
7-8: Banzaaai!
9: Only one month ago...
10: I saw Lt. Nishina off from this same port.
11: Now people are seeing me off, just like him...

1: This will be the last time...
sign: Watanabe
2: I set foot on solid ground...

sfx: dwoosh
1: Lt. Nishina...
sfx: dwoosh
2: How did you feel when you saw submarines rising up on the horizon?
3: On that day, you raised your katana up to the sky...
4: To me, it looked like you were using it to cut all your ties with the material world.
5: I will follow you now...

1: You should live.
sfx: flap x2

1: I am your commander, Toyomasu Kiyohachi.
2: Our destination is Kossol Roads on Palao Island,
3: and the attack date is scheduled for January 11th, 1945.
4: Before dawn on January 11th...
5: We will launch a full-scale assault on the enemy anchorage.
sfx: pah pah pah
sfx: paaaaah
6: Port and starboard side move ahead!
7: Move quietly at a slow speed!!

1-3: gyoosh
sfx: rumble x2

sfx: rumble x2
sfx: fsssssh
1: It's time to say farewell to our motherland...

1: We'll be heading in a straight line to the Bungo Channel using the shortest course.
2: Once we leave the channel, we'll basically be in enemy territory.
3: There's no telling when they might appear...
4: Therefore, I'd you like prepare yourselves now to round off your service.
5: Each one of you and the results you yield...
6: will allow Japan to truly rise up out of its peril.
7: I'm counting on all of you.

1: Ship guard now in formation three!
2: We will now engage zig-zag navigation and reach full speed!
sfx: sploosh x2

1: We'll reach our destination in two weeks...
2: Which means in two weeks, we'll cease to exist.
3: In the end, I didn't write a will...
4: I have no idea what's going to happen after I die.

1: We have now left the Bungo Channel. We will continue traveling above water until tomorrow morning.
2: Do your best at your respective posts.
5: It's finally time for battle...
6: Sekiguchi...
7: We were on the island until just a little bit ago...
8: It still doesn't really feel like we're here.

1: Hey...
2: Doesn't that look like a formation of small aircraft?
3: Grumman...
4: But how... I can still see the end of Kyushu in the distance...

sfx: brriiiiiiing
1: Stop the ship!
2: Hurry up and submerge!!
3: Submerging at full speed!!
4: Everyone, to your poooosts!!
sfx: rttle
5: slide
sfx: fsssssh

sfx: sploooosh
sfx: spwoosh spwoooosh
1: Enemies attacking!!
2: Submerge! Submerrrrge!!

sfx: fwooooh
sfx: click
sfx: splooooosh
1: Huh!?

sfx: kabooooom