#14. Lost Meaning

sfx: bakeeee
1: This brings back memories of the day when you left for training...
2: When will you be back next time?
3: We'll always be waiting for you.
4: Bye, big brother!
5: Big brother!

#14. Lost Meaning

sfx: pshoooo
sfx: clang clang
sfx: clang clang
1-2: clang
sfx: clang clang

sfx: flip
1-8: skritch

1: Hisao...
2-3: skritch
4: Yukio...
5: Shiro...
6: Dad...
7: Mom...
8-10: drip

1: Mom...
2-3: drip

1-4: Mom...

1: How was it, Watanbe?
2-3: clang
4: Your hometown..
5: Well...
6: clang
7: clang I guess nothing had really changed...
8: Seems like they're really struggling to make a living, though.
9: The air strikes keep happening, and the whole town just seemed really sad.
10: What about you, Sekiguchi?
11: Was your family doing well?
12: Yeah...

1: They were surprised, though...
2: And I couldn't even tell them why I came home. That was a problem...
3: Almost made me feel like it would have been better if I hadn't gone home at all...
4: Soldiers are given special leaves to say farewell to family members before they are deployed.
5: Spending just one day with family members became a tradition that started with the Chrysanthemum Water squad.
6: 2nd Petty Officer Watanabe, now heading out for training!!
7: #2 will be taken to the firing area in the east sea zone!!
8: Crew members have entered!!
9: Close the hatch!!
10-11: squeak

sfx: rumble x3

sfx: rumble
sfx: splish
1-3: haa

1: We've got trouble!!
2: One got stuck in the ocean floor!
3: It's Sekiguchi's!!
4: The vessel that 2nd Petty Officer Sekiguchi was in has sunk!!

1: The tank flooded, and my buoyancy fell into the minus...
2: So it was a malfunction?
3: Anyway, I'm just glad you're safe.

1: When Kaiten were officially introduced as a new weapon, 1,000 were scheduled to be built,
2: but a total of 1,375 crew members were drafted.
3: It's believed that this is because they estimated that 30% of the men would die in training accidents.
4: Hey, Watanabe...
5: Did you write your will?
6: Huh?

1: Honestly, I really wanted to say my last farewell to my family...
2: I wanted to tell them that this would be the last time I'd ever be able to see them.
3: But we can't...
4: We can't tell anyone about the Kaiten...
5: That's why I decided to write a will.
6: So that I can leave behind words to my family...
7: after my death.

1: But...
2: I don't know what I should write.
3: I don't mind dying to protect my family...
4: No matter how ridiculous this plan may be...
5: I'll happily give my life to save my mom and dad...

1: But if that isn't the case here...
2: Then what sort of words should I leave them?
3: What...
4: should I be dying for?
5: What am I living for?
6: Why was I born?
7: Why do I have to die!?