#13. An Unexplainable Homecoming

1: Caaaaw
2: Caaaw
3: Hello!
4: I've come to gather leftover food!

#13. An Unexplainable Homecoming

sfx: sploosh
1-3: oink
4: Eat up!
5: I need you to all get nice and fat...
6-7: oink

1: Yuzo...?

1: Yuzo!!
2: Big brother!!
3: Big brother came home!!
4: Big brother!!
5: Yuzo...
6: What are you doing here?
7: Are you a ghost?
8: Big brother!
9: Big brother!

1: I have business with the aviation corps here,
2: so I made some time to come visit.
3: Oh, so that's it.
4: How much time did you get off? Can you stay the night?
5: Yeah. I can stay the night.
6: But I need to return to the squad tomorrow morning.
7: You really surprised me...
8: I was almost sure that you were a ghost...
9: This is for you.
10: I brought a lot of caramels for you.

1: So, what sort of things do they have you doing?
2: What kind of airplane are you flying?
3: What's going on up there?
4: So sweeet!
5: This tastes so sweet!

1: And then...
2: Ahahaha
3: Huh?
4: I've seen that guy's face before...
5: I knew it...
6: You're Watanabe, aren't you?

1: Hey, I thought you became a soldier?
2: Come on... Knock it off.
3: Don't tell me, they said you weren't good enough and kicked you out!
4: You're useless no matter where you go...
5: We're all in the mines now, working for the sake of our country...
6: I guess with that in mind, gathering pig slop really is the best fit for you.
7: I heard your mom's taking care of the pigs now.
8: She's famous all around town. They call her the pig woman.
9: C'mon, say something...
10: Don't think you're better than us just because you're wearing a uniform!

1: We have hardly anything to eat, and we still work hard,
2: so that all you soldiers can fill your stomachs...
3: But for some reason, the air strikes never stop happening...
4: I heard Yawata got hit recently...
5: I'm sorry...
6: I doubt it will happen...
7: But if, by chance, Japan happens to lose this war, it will be our - the military's - fault.

1: And if you decide to kill me then,
2: I won't let out a single complaint.
3: I am prepared...
4: to die to protect your lives.
5: Stop making fun of meeeeee!!

sfx: smack
1: Hit me more...
2: I want to feel it.
3: I want to feel alive...
4: Won't you let me feel some pain?
5: Let me realize that I'm still not dead yet.

1: Uu...
2: Uooohhh
3: wham

1: You're so stupid...
2: You came home for the first time in such a while just to start a fight?
3: Something doesn't seem right about you...
4: I can understand why your father thought you were a ghost.
5: Did something happen?
6: Did you really just get some time off?

1: I promised not to say...
2: Oh...
3: But I'll be able to see you again, right?

1: Show me your pictures...
2: You promised, didn't you? You promised you'd draw pictures of what you saw...
3: flip
sfx: flip...

1: Yuzo...
2: What are you doing up there?
3-5: flip
6: Look at the last page, mom...
7: That's the one I have the most confidence in.
8: flip