#12. Order

1: I will now announce the details of the plan, as decided by the HQ.
2: The attack will take place
3: on January 20, 1945...
4: The targets will be in the Ulithi atoll,
5: the Seeadler atoll, and Apra Harbor on the island of Guam.
6: We will follow the first squad...
7: and launch a full-scale assault on every enemy ship in the anchorages!!

#12. Order
sfx: fsssh

1: Waahh!!
2-4: splish
5: It's really pouring!!
5: Assaulting anchorages!?
6: There's no way... The enemy knows about the Kaiten now thanks to the first squad's attack.
7: They're going to have a very tight guard around their anchorages. There won't be any way for us to get in.

1: How could they order us to attack an anchorage again!?
2: Hey... He said anchorages...
3: Wasn't this supposed to be a sea battle?
4: Well, targeting a docked ship is simple, but...
5: Will we actually be able to get in that close to a port again?
6: I will now announce the submarines
7: and crew members who will participate.

1: I-36, commanded by Teramoto Gen.
2: The attack target is the Ulithi atoll.
3: The crew will be composed of Kagaya Takeru,
4: Todokoro Shizuya,
5: and Motoi Fumiya.
6: I-47, commanded by Orita Zenji.
7: The attack target is Humboldt Bay at the Hollandia anchorage.
8: The crew will be composed of
9: Kawakubo Teruo and Hara Atsuro.
10: Why!?

1: I-53, commanded by Toyomasu Seihachi.
2: The attack target is Kossol Roads on Palao Island.
3: The crew will be composed of
4: Watanabe Yuzo
5: and Sekiguchi Masao.

1: Idiot...
2-3: klak

1: Did you say something?
2: It's too dangerous to attack an anchorage right now.
3: Why won't you make it a sea battle?

sfx: wham
1: This is an order from the Naval General Staff and the Allied Fleet Command...
2: Remember your place and do as you're told, trainee.
3: Sea battles are very difficult...
4: It's nearly impossible to hit a ship while it's moving.
5: If I may, commander...
6: Stop it, Sekiguchi!!
7: Don't touch me...

1: Commander...
2: If sea battles are impossible, then shouldn't we stop using Kaiten altogether?
3: The only way Japan could win this war is if it was filled with gods of war...
4: There isn't a single life here that deserves to be thrown away for nothing.

1: The only way military organizations can work is if soldiers follow the orders they're given.
2: No matter what they may be, orders are orders.
3: Perhaps you're merely afraid of sacrificing your life!
4: I'm not afraid of death...
5: I'm afraid of dying a dog's death.
6: Then there should be no problem...

1: Because you've been ordered to go and die.

sfx: fsssssh

1: That was a really stupid thing to do.
2: Arguing with the commander won't help anything.
3: Sorry...
4: I just couldn't keep quiet any longer.
5: It's OK...
6: If you hadn't done it, I might have instead.
7: How many times are they going to repeat this?
8: I'm not the only one who nodded at what you said...
9: Hey, you.
10: C'mere...

sfx: splash
1: What are you doing!?
2: Shut up!! You just get back in your room!!
3: Do you know who Roosevelt is?
4: He was the president of America when this war began...
5: The cherry blossom on your hat isn't one from the Japanese navy.
6: It's one you got from Roosevelt, isn't it?

1: You traitor!!
2: Go and thank Roosevelt, why don't you!?
3: wham
sfx: fssssh
sfx: fssssh
4: Hey, let me go!!
5: What are you doing to Sekiguchi!?

1: click
2: Finished?
3: Yeah... Let's go.

sfx: bwam
1: Sekiguchiii!!
2: Where are you, Sekiguchiii!?
3: Sekiguchiii!
4: Answer meee!

1: Sekiguchi!!
2: Sekugchi, are you OK!?
3: Uu...
4: Uuuu...
5: Dammit...
6-7: Goddammiiiit!!