#9. Sea of Separation

#9. Sea of Separation

1: Men, wave your hats!!
2: Lt. Nishina!!
3: We'll be praying for your victory!!
4: Lt. Nishina!
5: Banzaaai!
6: Sr. Lt. Kamibeppu!
7: Banzaiii!

1: Long live the emperor! Banzaiii!!
2: Long live the Japanese Imperial Navy!! Lt. Nishina!!
3: We'll carry things on here for you!!
4: Jr. Lts!! We'll be praying that you make all the enemy ships explode!!
5: Lt. Nishina!
6: Banzaaai!
7: Lt. Fukuda!
8-9: Banzaaai!

1: We're counting on you.
2: Mmm.
sign: Kuroki Hiroshi
3-5: flap

1: Hoist the anchor!!
2: rattttle
3: Starboard and port side, forward at a very slow speed.
sfx: gwoosh x3
sfx: clink...

1: There they go...
2: That sure went fast...
3: Now we'll never see them again.
4: What are they even dying for, anyway?
5: To kill our enemies, of course...

1: Apparently, they started developing the Kaiten in January of this year...
2: Then they did submerged operation tests on the prototype half a year later, in July...
3: And it's November now...
4: No one has time to think about anything.
5: Everything's just moving too fast...

1: This way.
2: It's very cramped inside, so please be careful.

1: Please use the lower level.
2: We wanted to prepare wider beds, but...
3: No... We're sorry for pushing ourselves in here, over the limit...
4: But we will not be here for long, so please understand...
5: The ship will sail south for 250 miles a day until the third day...
6: On the fourth day, we'll enter the enemy's patrol zone, so non-submerged movement will only happen at night.
7: We'll reach the Ulithi atoll in 11 days...
8: On November 19.

1: November 8, 1944 - We departed from Tokuyama port.
2: At 17:00, we proceeded through the eastern mouth of the Bungo Channel.
* : *These excerpts were taken directly from Lieutenant Nishina's journal, and modified only slightly for readability.

1: I am leaving Otsu Island, the training base where I made so many memories, and with my white headband on that declares my unfailing devotion to my country, I strap my katana to my side, in high spirits as we leave the port.
2: The other men cheer for us over and over. Everyone is overcome with emotion.
3: Orders have now been given for the Kaiten special attack squad to depart.
4: Everyone aboard is bearing the glory of charging forward in high spirits to complete our mission.
5: Unlike airplanes, the only event in which Kaiten can be expected to bring good results is a surprise attack.
6: Once the enemy finds out about the truth, it will be extremely difficult to use the same method again.
7: Until the war ends, we need to keep its existence and its results completely confidential.

sign: Senior Naval Lieutenant Kuroki Hiroshi
1-4: drip

Our current war situation is in urgent need of help

1: Nishina...
2: I don't think that this weapon will give us the definitive results we need for this war...
3: But if we make an attack, I'm sure that other squads will come to feel the same way as us...
4: That's why I'm hurrying to put this weapon into use.
5: We've sworn to protect our empire...
6: That is why we must die.