#8. Those Who Go, Those Who Stay

1: Japan is in danger...
2: But the ones who will save us from this danger are not ministers, generals, or army commanders.
3: Of course, they aren't chief officers like myself either...
4: They are our young, pure and filled with energy like newborn minnows...
5: Therefore, I beg you for your help on behalf of all one hundred million of our countrymen...
6: And I pray that you all succeed in your mission.

#8. Those Who Go, Those Who Stay

1: Oct. 25, 1944
2: 5 Zero fighters flew out from the Mabalacat base in northern Manila.
3: This was the beginning of Victory Operation #1, led by the Kamikaze Special Attack Squad,
4: also know as the 'Tokko (Special Attack) Plan.'

1: Seems like the air corps are going to start crashing ships into the enemy...
2: We should be rejoicing that this is causing serious damage to the US forces...
3: But it also means the airmen beat us to the punch.

1: Senior Lt. Kuroki hoped that the air corps would fall in line with us...
2: I think he would be pleased that his long-cherished ambition has been realized.
3: slip
4: I finished selecting the soldiers...
5: This is the list of attackers for the first strike.

sfx: boom x6
sfx: shoooooo
sfx: splosh
1-2: gween

1: So fast...
2: It only took them 10 minutes to get this far...
3: splosh
4: Don't lose sight of them!!
5: They're going to speed up again here!
sfx: fwoooosh

1: Training complete! Training complete!!
2: Open the hatch!!
3-7: haa

1-4: haa
5: tok
6: I don't know what happened down there, but I guess people really can change...
7: He's probably the best out of all of us...
8: Yeah...
9: His eyes look completely different now, don't you think?

1: The commander of the combined fleet has given orders to begin the special attack plan.
2: Currently, the attack is being planned by the command of the 6th fleet.

1: Soon, a war council will be held, and the date of the attack will be decided.
2: Three submarines from the 15th submarine squadron will most likely be sent out.
3: I believe 12 Kaiten in total will be loaded within them.
4: I would like to announce the names of the 12 soldiers who have been selected to ride in them.
5: Senior Lieutenants. Kamibeppu Yoshinori.
6: Lieutenants. Nishina Sekio. Fukuda Hitoshi. Yoshimoto Kentaro. Tomosumi Kazutoshi. Murakami Katsumi.
7: Junior Lieutenants. Imanishi Taichi. Kudo Yoshihiko. Utomiya Shuichi...

1: ...That concludes the twelve.
2: Disperse.
3: Why do you look so down?
4: You look disappointed that you weren't picked...

1: In late October, a war council was held on Chikushimaru, the flagship that was docked in Kure.
2: The mission, titled Operation Gen, was scheduled to take place at dawn on November 20th.
3: The targets of the attack were two front-line bases that housed the enemy's Philippine invasion squads.
4: Kossol Roads, Palau, in the Ulithi atoll of the Caroline Islands in the west Pacific Ocean.
5: Attack subs - I-36, I-37, I-47.
6: When I think of your minds, composed and determined to do your duty despite the fact that you about to embark on an attack from which you cannot expect to return alive...
7: I believe you are all of the utmost purity... and I feel as if my heart is about to break.

1: You and I are cherry blossoms blooming in the same season!
2: Blooming in the garden of Kaiten!
3: I pray that you are all able to fulfill your duties!
4: We will hit the enemy ships head-on!!
5: All flowers that bloom must prepare to fall!
6: Let's fall beautifully! For our country!

1-2: Banzaaaaai!
3: Once we die once, we won't have to die again!
4: And if we're going to die, we'll die as torpedos, crashing into the enemy!

1-2: klak

1: So this is where you were, Lt. Nishina...
2: Aren't you going to come to the farewell party?
3: 2nd Petty Officer Watanabe...
4: I'm going to make sure the first Kaiten attack is a success, no matter what.
5: But the problem is what comes afterwards...
6: The enemy's forces will most likely tighten their guard, leaving us with no opening to strike again.
7: It'll become much more difficult for us to attack ships that are leisurely docked at bases like this...
8: We'll be forced to change our targets from docked ships to those that are actually on the move.

1: Training for that kind of attack will begin soon...
2: Create new elevation tables in groups and devote yourselves to research.
3: Lieutenant...
4: Could you let me draw your portrait?
5: I want to leave behind a picture of you...

1: A portrait?
2: You can draw?
3: I don't know if I'd say that...
4: But I enjoy it.
5: So you merely enjoy it...
6: I'll just have to make a request, then.

1-5: skritch

1: Now that I think about it, I guess I didn't understand anything about you at all...
2: I didn't know that you could draw.
3: When I left home, my mother gave me this sketchbook.
4: And then...
5: I see...
6: Are your parents still alive?
7: Yes...
8: My father is ill, though...
9: That must be tough... Who supports your home?
10: I think it's mainly the money I send home that supports them.
11: I have 7 siblings...

1: Do you have any siblings, Lieutenant?
2: I have four younger ones...
3: When I was in the academy, I used to go home ove rsummer vacation and spend it with them.
4: My father was the principal of a normal school.
5: He was strict, but I was proud of him...

1: Why don't you cut your hair?
2: I won't cut it until I crash into an enemy ship...
3: That's what I promised Senior Lt. Kuroki.
4: Lieutenant...
5: Why won't you take me with you?
6: I cannot take someone with me who doesn't see any meaning in death...

1: You must live...

1: On November 8th,
2: on the morning before their departure, the late autumn sky was clear, and the wildlife on the island was painted in vibrant autumn colors.