#6. Phantom Life

1: All members wake up,
2: and clean up your beds.
sfx: fwish x3

#6. Phantom Life

1: Two weeks after they arrived at the base,
2: the assault was scheduled to take place in one month, and real training begin.
3: When you near the area of attack, the submarine will submerge itself,
4: and Kaiten squad members will pass under the submarine communications tower and enter the Kaiten.
5: Squad members will use the phones inside the submarines to activate the Kaiten.
6: The Kaiten will take off the minute the anchor band is removed.
book: Kaiten Control Manual

1: The phone line between the submarine and the Kaiten will be severed as soon as this happens.
2: At that point, you will only be able to rely on what you learned in your daily training.
3: Electric rudder activated.
4: Priming valve open.
5: Vent valve closed.
6: Kingston valve closed.
7: Rudder exhaust valve open. Coolant valve open.
8: Rudder activation valve open. Intermediate fuel valve open...
9: Wait.
10: What about closing the safety valve?
11: Yes sir!!

1: Safety valve closed.
2: Lubricant valve open.
3: Confirming operation of manual rudder.
4: Hard a-starboard!
5: Hey! That's my name!
6: Hey!! Your name's on here too!
7: Second Class Petty Officer Miyazato, now departing for boarding training!!
8: #7 will move at a set speed of 25 knots into Area 1!!

sfx: gwooosh
1: Thermotaxis!!
2: The first boarding training for the Kaiten entailed traversing 3,000 m and returning.
3: It required floating up and checking one's location along the way, which was a very difficult task.
4: One wrong move, and the Kaiten would move off course and possibly crash into a rock wall or slide up onto the shore.
5: After a trainee mastered this, their next task was to navigate around an island.
sfx: gwooosh

1: The members of the squad went around three different courses and memorized the ins and outs of controlling a Kaiten.
top row: Kaeru Island / Kaba Island / 3000m Buoy / Course I
middle row: Itsusushima Island / Otsu Island / Uma Island / Shu Island
bottom row: Course III / Course II

2: Hey!! How did it feel to ride in one?
3: It was nothing special, really.
4: Drop the act and tell us the details!!
5: Well, I did feel a little scared when they shut the hatch...
6: But when the time came to get started, I just stopped thinking about it.
7: What are you talking about!? When you came out of the Kaiten, your legs were shaking!
8: Shaking with excitement!!

1: Because of resources and preparation time, only a set number of Kaiten could be fired per day.
2: With the shock from the first time they saw the Kaiten remaining in their minds,
3: each member of the squad waited anxiously for his turn to ride in one.

1: Watanabe.

1: Your futon was empty, so I came looking for you. I figured you'd be here...
2: It's the middle of the night, you know...
3: Just how naive are those guys?
4: The first time they saw the Kaiten, they could barely stay tanding, and now they're racing to see who gets to ride one next.

1: We volunteered to come here...
2: It's natural that we'd want to ride in them.
3: We're training ourselves to die here...
4: Is living all that matters?

1: I'm afraid of dying...
2: Because I can't find any meaning in my death...
3: Meaning in your death?
4: If I could find some meaning for my death...
5: Then I think it would cease to be simply 'scary.'
6: Perhaps only the humans who find meaning in their lives
7: can find meaning in their deaths as well.

1: I'm just like the reflection of the moon in that water...
2: I'm visible, but I have no substance...
3: I'm a ghost.

1: There it is! There's my name!!
2: Dammit! My name isn't up there today either!
3: They'll never let you on one! What'd you say!?
4: Hey, Watanabe. Your name's up there.
5: It's you and Lt. Nishina again.

board: Boarding Training Schedule
Supervisor / Trainee
Nishina Sekio / Watanabe Yuzo
Murano Musashi / Sakura Shozo
1: Close the hatch!!
2-3: squeeze

1: Did you find an answer?
2: Just what is the Kaiten?

1: I don't know...
2: But now I know why I don't know.
3: I have nothing...
4: No reason to live...
5: ...or die.

1: I don't want to go on living as a dead end...
2: I'm going to burn my life up here.
3: Tracking ship prepared!!
4: Firing preparations complete!!
5: Lt. Nishina...
6: Please tell me your answer now.

1: Why...
2: did you create the Kaiten weapon?
3: Our country is on the brink of death...
4: We need a weapon like this in order to turn things around.
5: No...
6: I want you to tell me in your own words.
7: There is nothing as beautiful as offering up your life for the sake of your country...
8: That's what they taught me.
9: Please tell me in your own words...

1-2: clong
3: #2, take off!!
4-5: clong
6: #2, take off!!
7: I wanted to be Senior Lt. Kuroki...

1: The first time I saw the will that Senior Lt. Kuroki had left in his target...
2: What I felt was neither admiration nor sadness...
3: It was despair.