#5. Will

1: Yuzo...
2: Draw pictures...
3: Draw the landscapes you see in this picture album...
4: and bring it back to your mother.

#5. Will
book: Picture Album

1: Banzaaaai!
2: Banzaaaai!
3: Kensuke! Fight hard for your country now!
4: Kyusaburooo!

1: What should I draw?
2: What...
3: do I want to do?

sign: Torpedo Service Hall
sfx: clang x5

sfx: clang x4

1: What do you want?
2: Nothing... I just came to see the Kaiten.
3: Seems like you're alone...
4: Follow me.

1: Do you know what this is?
2: A training target?*
* : *Kaiten were referred to as targets.
3: The target that Senior Lt. Kuroki rode in.

1: Senior Lt. Kuroki? You mean...
2: The man who invented the Kaiten with you?
3: While riding in this target, he got into an accident...
4: and died in the line of duty.
5: Get in...

1: On 9/6, this target departed for training...
2: and pierced the ocean floor at a depth of 20 m.
3: On that day, Senior Lt. Kuroki was scheduled to board the Kaiten as the instructor for Senior Lt. Tsuguchi's training...
4: The waves were rough that day, so the commanding officer ordered them to cancel the training...
5: But Senior Lt. Kuroki refused to listen, and forced the training to happen.

1: One hour after they departed,
2: they still had not returned to the surface, even though it was past their scheduled float time...
3: Two hours passed... then three...
4: The search team spent all night looking for them.
5: Then, 16 hours after the training began,
6: the two were found in a tragic state.
7: Turn the lights on...
8: click...

1: Senior Lt. Kuroki wrote all that as the container lost oxygen...
pane 4 text: prepared to die
2: Why are you showing this to me?

1: Why do you keep putting only me through all this?
2: You have doubts about the Kaiten weapon.
3: And you keep questioning yourself
4: as to how you should accept your destiny... correct?

1: I'm the same way.

1: I have no intention to shirk responsibility...
2: But the Kaiten weapon only became a reality thanks to the power of Senior Lt. Kuroki.
3: He came up with the idea for the weapon on his own, rode in it himself...
4: ...and died.
5: Aside from the writing on those walls, he left behind a very long will...
6: which contains details on the accident and ways to prevent it in the future.
7: He never made a complaint...

1: Lt. Nishina...
2: Can you show me his will?
3: You said that you're 'the same way' as me...
4: Can you explain what you mean by that?
5: Lieutenant?

1: June 15, 1944
2: 47 US B-29s bombed Yawata Steel Works in Kitakyushu.
3: This paved the way for the B-29 formation to begin air strikes on mainland Japan.
4: By September 1944, Japan had suffered 18 air strikes.

1: Meanwhile, Kaiten production was running behind schedule, and mass production didn't begin until mid-September.
2: Simultaneously, preparations were made at the Hikari, Hirao, and Oga bases,
3: and the Kaiten squad eventually grew into a large unit with over 1,000 members.

1: We plan to attack in the end of October, or as late as November...
2: 12 to 16 Kaiten will be loaded into a submarine and depart from Japan.
3: Lt. Nishina will be in charge of selecting the soldiers who will take part in this initial assault.
4: Work hard at your training,
5: so that you will have no regrets if you are selected.