#4. A Dream, Distanced

1: I don't understand, Lt. Nishina...
2: Why did you have that trainee board the Kaiten?
3: He's a member of the Kaiten Squad.

#4. A Dream, Distanced

1: Do I need a reason...
2: to have a squad member board a Kaiten?

1: Gimme a break already...
2: Things are already gloomy enough as it is with the rain...
3: Hey, Sekiguchi.
4: Say something to him, will ya?
5: Like, 'you're not the only one who's down in the dumps,' or something.
6: How are we supposed to relax with a guy like that sitting in the corner?

1-4: skritch
5: I was poor...
6: So poor...
7: that I never thought about what I wanted to do.

sfx: rattle x6

sign 1: Military Build-Up Safety Period
sign 2: Mine for your country
sign 3: Respect the emperor and love your country
sign 4: Increase efficiency
sign 5: Disaster
sign 6: Injuries
sign 7: Country
panel 2 sfx: rattle
sfx: bshoooo
sfx: rattle x2
sfx: vakeen

1: clatter
2: clatter clatter
sfx: rattle x5
sfx: vakeen x5

1-2: caaaw
3: He went that way!!
4: Alright! Get him!! Hit him! Hit him!!
sfx: whap x2

1-2: whap
3: Ahahahaha!
4: Yeaaah! Go on, let's see ya fight back, Watanabeee!!
sfx: haa x3
5: Pick it up...
6: That's all your precious leftovers, right?
7: Pick it all up with your hands and put it back...

sfx: peh
1: splat
2: I heard your dad hasn't got into the mines, even though we're in such a crisis...
3: And your big brother just sleeps at home all day.
4: My big brother's sick. He can't move...
5: And my dad went into the mines before his lungs went bad...

1: I'm not the one who's saying it...
2: It's just what all the adults are saying...
3: Don't come to school anymore...
4: Or else you'll make everyone else smell like pigs.
5: You traitor...

sfx: clink x4
1: Hello!
2: I've come to collect leftovers!
3: Hurry it up and get out of here.

sfx: sploosh
1-3: oink
4: Eat up!
5: I'm gonna go out and get some more.
6-7: oink
8: oink oink

1: I want a refill, mom.
2: No.
3: cough cough
4: Can I eat his bowl?
5: No. He needs to eat too.

1: fssssh...
sfx: creak
2: Can't sleep?
3: Mom...

1: Did they get you again?
2: They're weak..
3: So they feel scared unless they can find someone weaker than them.
4: Mom...
5: I... want to be a soldier...

1: I...
2: want to apply to a training school and fight for our country...
3: I want to protect you...
4: so no one will talk bad about us anymore.
5: Have you lost your mind?
6: Doing that isn't going to make me happy...

1: Are you against the war, then?
2: Is everyone right about you?
3: Do you think that Japan should just lose?
sfx: slap

1: Your mother doesn't understand all that complicated stuff...
2: If you die, I'll be sad. That's all...
3: But if that's the #1 thing you want to do...
4: then I won't stop you.
5: But I know one thing...
6: You're always staring at the pictures in front of the shop...
7: What do you really want?

1: War...