#3. The Coffin's Pulse

1: Lt. Nishina and 2nd Class Petty Officer Watanabe, now departing for training!!
2: Target* #2 will be practicing navigation and covert submersion in the east range of the training sea!!
*: *Kaitens were referred to as 'targets.'
3: You go in first.
4: Yes sir.
5: squeek...
6: squeeek...

#3. The Coffin's Pulse

1: Take a good look...
2: This is the Kaiten.
3: gulp...
4: Electric rudder activated...
5: Priming valve open...
6: Vent valve closed...
7: click
8: Kingston valve closed... rudder exhaust valve open...
9: click
10: Safety valve closed. Intermediate fuel valve open...
11: Lubricant valve open... confirming operation of manual rudder...

1: Firing preparations complete.
sfx: clang

1: The periscope can't be used while we're submerged.
2: The only way to control it is by comparing the gauges with the charts and the rudder needle.
3: Calculate the distance based on your speed while looking at your watch,
4: then follow the path you're taking on the chart.
5: clink
6: Control it in your head while you look at the chart...
7: I'll move the control stick per your orders.
8-9: clong

1: That's the signal to depart...
2: We'll start moving in 10 seconds.
3: I can't...
4: twist

sfx: splish...
1: rattle
2: rattle rattle rattle
3: shake
4: rattle
sfx: vvvvvbbbb x2
5: shake
6: scrape scrape scrape scrape
sfx: vvvvbbbb x2
7: scrape scrape scrape
8: claaanngg
9: gwoosh gwoosh
10: gwoosh
sfx: rattle x5

sfx: gwooooh
sfx: fwooosh
1: Thermotaxis!!
sfx: creak x5

sfx: rattle
sfx: creak x4
1: W...
2: We're going down...
sfx: gwooooh
3: At this rate, we'll hit the ocean floor...
sfx: creak x5
4: W... We need to move the neck up...
sfx: splash

sfx: rattle x15
sfx: clang x2
1: We're almost at the 10 minute mark.
sfx: rattle x5
2: I think... we should be right in front of the island now...

sfx: splash
1: Ushi Island is on the left at 20 degrees...
2: Let's turn around...
3: squeeeek
sfx: rattle x8

all sfx: rattle
1: Increasing speed to 30 knots...

sfx: rattle x5

1: Lt. Nishina and 2nd Class Petty Officer Watanabe have finished their boarding training!!
2: All equipment is in fine condition!!
3: If I had followed all your orders, we would have died 5 times...

1: Kaiten are basically
2: the cut off fronts and backs of a torpedo, and with a control seat added to the center.
3: Using radar and emitting sonar
4: in order to get near an enemy ship and fire a torpedo is an old battle strategy.
board: Mitsumaru Torpedo

1: The idea for the Kaiten came about from thinking about how to use leftover torpedo stock.
2: They are pressure resistant up to a depth of 80 m...
3: They can move 23 km at 30 knots, and 78 km at 10 knots.

1: They're flawed weapons...
2: Pressure resistant up to 80 m means...
3: means that if you dive deeper than that, the Kaiten will break.
4: Submarines are supposed to be able to dive to at least 100 m...
5: in case they're attacked by the enemy.
6: But these can only dive to 80 m...
7: They're basically telling us that if the enemy finds us, we're just supposed to die.

1: After boarding one, I realized something.
2: Kaiten have no eyes...
3: There's no way for you to tell where you are while you're moving.
4: They're modified torpedoes, so they can only move forward. They can't even make small turns...
5: And there's no way to escape from them.

1: They want us to
2: drive around in the dark with a car that has no brakes.
3: Huh...
4: I'm surprised you're getting that emotional over this.
5: But it's true, isn't it?
6: I asked Lt. Nishina how he felt when he was making the Kaiten...
7: He didn't say anything, and had me board one...

1: But the reason he didn't say anything...
2: is because he has no answer.
3: I understand that since I volunteered, I'm fated to die now...
4: But shooting Kaiten into enemy battleships...
5: is no simple task.

1: We're risking our lives here...
2: At least give us a reason that makes it all worth it.
3: I don't want to die inside that poor excuse for a weapon...
4: Please just don't make us die for nothing...
5: We're human!!

1: These weapons are supposed to save the country?
2: They're just hunks of scrap metal that don't even work right...