#1. Living Weapons

#1. Living Weapons

1: We lost the Chuuk Islands...
2: At this rate, it will only be a matter of time until we receive an air strike as well.

1: It doesn't matter how many times you come here, Kuroki...
2: I can't allow the use of a suicide weapon like this.
3: Do you know of another way for us to win this war, then?
4: Soldiers are always prepared for death, no matter what mission they face...
5: But forcing them to die is wrong.
6: We cannot force people to ride in weapons that will kill them.

1: Do you really think this is the time to be worrying about casualties!?
2: That isn't the problem here!!
3: Someone needs to die, or else everyone will.
4: Don't you have anyone you want to protect?

1: How do you feel about this,
2: Nishina?
3: Answer me...
4: I asked you a question, Nishina...
5: Aren't you going to say anything?

1: I cannot allow the use of a suicide weapon with no means of escape...
2: These weapons will allow soldiers to perform solo assaults on enemy territory...
3: Even if they could escape, it would leave them in the middle of enemy territory, which means they'd only become prisoners of war...
4: Would you rather them experience the humiliation of becoming prisoners of the enemy?

1: In that case, I choose death...
2: I will choose death...
3: and live for the righteous cause of the emperor!!

1: 1937
2: September

1: Heeey! Watanabeee!
2: A group meeting's been called!
3: haa
4: haa
5: Drawing again?
6: If the drill instructor finds you, he'll give you an earful...
sfx: fwip

1: I like drawing.
2: Sheesh...
3: What in the world is a guy like you doing here?
4: What do you mean?
5: This is Fukuoka Navy Aviation Preparatory School*. Everyone here is training to become an airman!
sign: Fukuoka Navy Aviation Preparatory School
*: *Preparatory School... A type of training school for naval airmen that teenage boys applied to.

1: I summoned you all here for one important reason...
2: We lost Saipan...
3: and the US army has started to invade our country.

1: We have now reached the point of no return in this war.
2: We must do something, or else all of Japan will be burned to the ground.
3: In view of the importance of our progress at this point,
4: our army has developed a new weapon to combat our enemy.
5: The trial tests have been finished,
6: and soon we will launch a great counterattack on the US navy.

1: Now, I know how passionate you all are about protecting your beloved country,
2: which is why I would like to choose some of you to ride in these new special weapons.
2: We will take no more than 100.
3: If you wish to become one of them, please apply through your squad leader by tomorrow.
4: Lastly, once you board these weapons, that's it.
5: You will not be able to return home alive.

1: Watanabe... Are you going to apply?
2: Huh?
3: We should go!!
4: We should abandon everything and fight for our country!!
5: But weapons that don't let soldiers come home alive...
6: Does that mean that riding in them will kill us?

1: What kind of weapons are they, anyway?
2: How could we apply without even knowing what kind of weapons they are?
3: It's top secret...
4: They won't tell you anything even if you ask.
5: They're telling us to just shut up and die...
6: Those who don't apply are nothing more than cowardly traitors...
7: Knock it off...
8: You shouldn't say stuff like that so lightly...
9: Sekiguchi...

sfx: whack
1: You should be ashamed of yourself!!
2: This country is greater than all of us! Individual thoughts and desires should be abandoned!
3: Idiots only know how to repeat the same thing over and over again.
4: You really love your country that much?
5: Then why don't go and die fiiiiiirst!!

1: Stooooooop!!
sfx: wham
2: Hey!! What are you doing!?
3: Stop it!!
4: Knock it off!!

1-3: klak
4: Sorry...
5: It's OK...
6: I just...
7: I really don't get it...

1: Why am I here?
2: What do I want to do from here on out?
3: I think your purpose lies elsewhere.
4: I'll apply. You stay here.

1-3: rattle
4: We're heading out!!
5: The way of the samurai is to shine the most beautifully right before you scatter, and to never fear death!!
6: We're going to do this!! The fate of Japan rests on our shoulders!!
7: Yeaaaah!!
8-9: rattle

1: Almost everyone ended up applying...
2: I heard the drill instructors had a tough time rounding us down to 100...
3: Why did you apply?
4: I told you that I'd go instead...
5: I can't just run away, now can I?
6: I don't have anything else to do either, you know...

1: Ships?
2: Where are they going to take us?

1: An island...
2: It looks like there's a base on it...
3: What's waiting for us there?

1: 100 soldiers from the Fukuoka Naval Aviation Preparatory School
2: have safely arrived!!

1: Entry and leave is prohibited unless authorized by the Minister of the Navy
2: I am your commanding officer, Lt. Commander Sakakura.
3: From this day forward, your lives will be in my hands.
4: Follow me.

sfx: clang x4
1: Look, Watanabe...
2: What are those people doing?

1: They look filthy...
2: They don't even have enough money to get haircuts?
3: What is this?
4: A torpedo...

sfx: klak
1: 14.5m long, with 1.55 tons of explosives on board.
2: As you can see, it's a torpedo...
3: It has a periscope attached...
sfx: murmur...
4: This...
5: is the new weapon?
6: Now that you're here...
7: I hope you've prepared yourselves.

1: War is merciless...
2: Japan's navy used to be the strongest in the world...
3: But now, the US has 230 subs to match our 60...
4: However, we cannot allow ourselves to lose here.
5: The American forces have conquered the Pacific and are drawing near...
6: We must annihilate them at all costs...

1: Which is why you all need to ride inthese.
2: You don't need to worry about stupid things like saving face.
3: If you feel like you don't want to ride in one of these, them tell me by the end of the day.
4: I'll send you back to your original squad.

1: Several months from now,
2: you will all control these torpedoes and crash them into American ships.
3: The explosives loaded on these are capable of blowing up any ship...
4: You will become these torpedoes you now see,
5: and save our 3,000-year-old empire from extinction!!

1: They are called 'Kaiten.' (*'Turning the Tides')

1: In other words, they're human torpedoes.

1-8: murmur

1: Human torpedoes...
2: Those are what the 'suicide weapons' turned out to be...
3: Massive steel coffins...
4: with a 0% survival rate.