SFX: Ahahahaha
1: Sometimes, I get confused.
2: No talking to strangers.
3: Help people who are in trouble!

1: Mom...
2: What if I find a stranger who's in trouble?

A Tiny Adventure

by Hanage


1: Taro?
2: Ahh! Someone's hurt!
3: Are you OK?!
4: Uuu...
5: Taro! Let's take her to the hospital!
6: O-OK, Ken!

1-2: One, two!
3: Ken always knows how to do the right thing...
4: We've got an emergency!
5: Oh my!

1: Uuu... Where am I?
2: This is the hospital. What happened? What's your name?
3: I... I fell off the ship...
4: A ship?
5: But she was on the road.
6: I can't... remember my name...
7: Doesn't seem like she's drunk.
8: I'll tend to her, so you two should just go and get to school.
9: Okaaay.

1: She must have amnesia.
2: What's amnesia?
3: When you get shocked and lose your memories.
4: Oh, OK. You're really smart, Taro!
5: I'm worried about her.
6: Yeah.
7: Hey, there's blood on your clothes.
8: Oh, it must be from carrying her...
9: It's hard to wash blood out. Mom's gonna be mad...
SFX: droop
10: It's OK. You only got it dirty because you did something good!

1: Howdy!
SFX: rattle
2: You're late!
3: Both of you!
4: We helped to carry a hurt person to the hospital.
5: Liar!
6: But it's true!
7: Oh yeah? Well, if you're saying that, Taro, then it must be. You're a good kid, after all.
8: And you're mean!

1: Now, let me give you your tests back.
2: Taro, you got 100 points.
3: Kennosuke, you got 0.
4: Gwaah! Taro got 100 points more than me again!
5: Taro got 100 points again? Wow!
6: I heard he goes to cram school every day.
7: Hey, Taro, let's go check up on that lady after school.
8: OK!
SFX: ding dong ding dong

SFX: crash
1: Oh no!
2: Ahhh! Ken broke the window again!
3: Heeey!
4: How many times do I have to tell you not to screw around in the classroom?!
SFX: pop
5: Come to the teachers' office!
6: Sorry, Taro, but I can't go to check up on her with you...
7: It's OK. I'll just go alone.

1: Stop talking and come with me!
2: Today, I'll show you that I'm sorrier than I've ever been!
3: Enough of your babbling!
4: Pffft! Ken's so stupid!
5: I bet he never worries about anything.
6: tok
7: Ken's so cool.
SFX: hop hop
8: I wish I could be like him.

1: My mom told me not to stop anywhere on my way home, but I still have time before cram school starts.
2: I'll just go in and check on her...
3: Am I being a bad boy right now?
4: Umm... Is the woman we brought in this morning still here?
5: Oh, you're the kid from this morning.
6: Yes, she's been hospitalized.
7: Hospitalized?

SFX: rattle...
1: Hello.
2: Hello.
3: Umm, who are you?
4: Uhh... I'm...
5: Oh, I know. You're the one who brought me here.
6: Thanks for helping me.
7: You're welcome... Did you remember your name?
8: No, I can't remember anything. It looks like I hit my head.
9: The ship...
10: Huh?

1: You said you fell off the ship...
2: The ship? Did I say that?
3: Wait, now that you mention it...
4: Uuu...
SFX: throb
5: D-don't push yourself too hard!
6: beep beep beep
7: I have to go to cram school now. I hope you feel better soon!
8: Oh, wait.
SFX: rustle rustle

1: It was in my pocket. It's pretty, isn't it?
2: It's my way of saying thanks.
SFX: grin
3: G-goodbye!
SFX: rattle
4: Bye bye.

1: It sparkles when light goes through it.
2: About that girl with amnesia...
3: She's in pretty bad shape. When she saw the thermometer, she asked me what it was.
4: It's rare to see someone who's forgotten basic knowledge like that.
5: She didn't have any money on her, and we don't even know where she's from.
6: I wonder what'll happen to her?

To Be Continued