Simply Scatter, Like Gogh

1: Vincent Van Gogh's life ended at the age of 37.
2: His skill was only acknowledged after he died.

Simply Scatter, Like Gogh


1: Vincent Art School
2: The unique feature of this art school
3: Wow!
4: is that every student's graduation piece becomes a national treasure,
5: and that all graduates
6: end their lives at the age of 18.
7: Hey, I was looking all around for you!
8: Oh, sorry!

1: You were looking at the graduation pieces again?
2: It'll only be another six months for us.
3: Did you decide what you're going to paint?
4: Not at all...
5: But after looking at the graduation pieces...
6: It really feels like their work has a whole different level of ardor behind it.
7: It kind of feels like
8: I'm seeing their last moments.

1: There are several thousand art high schools, universities, and technical schools in Japan
2: but only a handful of graduates ever become artists who can live off their work.
3: Art culture has a particularly low status in this country,
4: so most artists simply end their lives as 'freelancers,'
5: without ever sending their pieces out into the world.
6: That's what give birth to Vincent High, a specialized art high school.
7: After entering the school, students spend 3 years studying nothing but art and pouring themselves into creation.
8: Then, their graduation pieces become natural treasures in exchange for their lives.

1: The families of the students also receive a large sum of reward money,
2: and from the moment their names become registered in the database, the graduates become "legends."
3: In order for that title to truly fit them,
4: the students need to work like mad at their creations,
5: just like Gogh himself.
6: This tree might be a good motif...
7: That's the only way for these young 18-year olds to receive glory upon death.

1: Four months later
2: Ahh, I can't take it anymore!
SFX: twitch
3: What's wrong?
SFX: murmur x2
4: I mean...
5: I don't think I want to die after all.

1: We're all just 17 or 18.
2: We don't even know what it really means to be in a relationship with someone.
3: Dying like this and becoming famous...
4: how could you call that true happiness?
5: Even if our fame brings us money and glory,
6: we're all going to die before we see any of it!
7: Well it's too late now...
8: We've all known that from the beginning!

1: We receive "Glory Pills" along with our graduation certificate and "graduate" from the school.
2: Our parents agreed to all this before we started going here, you know?
3: Since we don't have enough ability to live off our art for the rest of our lives,
4: we should be happy to die like this and become famous!
5: We don't have any other choice!!

1: Sorry...
2: But when I think that I only have two months left to live, it just makes me so scared...
3: Do you think you'll be able to do anything with the rest of your life?
4: Sensei!!
5: It's really hard to make a living in the art world.
6: Your art has to be really good, or it won't sell, but not even skill alone will cut it. Being able to live off one's art is just a dream within a dream.
7: If you're lucky, you could become a teacher, but you'd be lucky even if you became a part-time instructor who works 2 or 3 times a week, since the opportunities for employment are so rare.
8: But that sort of job will only give you part-time pay, so you won't be able to move out from your parents' house.

1: And even if you try your hand at a different job,
2: all you kids have ever studied is art, so your knowledge about different areas is pretty much zero.
3: But if you still insist on creating art,
4: then you'll need to find an experienced artist to take you under his or her wing, or marry a rich person and just keep it up as a hobby.

1: Why did you become a teacher then, sensei?
2: You must have had a love for art as well, right?
3: I became a teacher because there wasn't a school like this when I was your age.
4: Oh, but even if there was, I probably wouldn't have enterd it.
5: What?
6: Why not?!

1: Because
2: I don't want to die.

1: "I don't want to die." That single line
2: deeply swayed my heart.
3: My friends all say "Yeah, I'm scared to die, but if it'll earn us glory, then oh well."
4: "We don't have any other choice left now." They seem to be conflicted as well, but are somehow prepared for the end.

1: "I want to be famous." "I don't want to die."
2: Am I being greedy if I wish for both at the same time?
3: Is it possible for me to be happy without becoming famous?
4: Is it possible to become famous while I'm still alive?
5: Do those choices really not exist in this world?

1: I didn't want to die.
2: Who's there?!
3: I wanted to live a longer life...
4: I didn't want to die.
5: I didn't want to die...

1: Did I really have to die?
2: I only lived 18 years...
3: I wanted to become a cute little grandma...
4: Mom, dad, I'm sorry...
5: I didn't want to die...

1: The voices of the graduates!
2: Uuu...
3: Uwaaaaahhhhhh
SIGN: Graduate Piece Exhibit

1: Two weeks before graduation
2: I finally understand how the graduates
3: felt now.
4: When I think about how the last piece of my life will be etched into history, it really makes me want to risk my life.
5: Me too.
6: Risking my life to create art has actually let me feel a kind of response from my work...
7: Everyone's already made up their minds...

1: One week before graduation
SFX: haa x2
2: This is the last spurt.
3: I need to keep working hard!
4: I need to paint as much as I can...
5: Once this piece is complete,
SFX: mutter x2
6: I'll die...

1: Uuuuuuuuuuuu

1: Mom, what are you doing?
2: Tomorrow's your graduation,
3: so I was looking at your old photo album.
4: You're our only child,
5: so I didn't really want you to go to Vincent High.
6: But I wanted to let you choose your own path in life.

1: Tomorrow, we'll say goodbye.
2: I'm sorry I couldn't
3: leave anything to you.
4: You don't mind dying if it makes you famous, right?!
5: I don't want to die.
6: I don't want to die!

1: I...
2: Mom...
3: I'm sorry.
4: Where are you going?!
SFX: dash
5: I want to be famous!
6: But I don't want to die!
7: I may be an idiot,
8: but...

1: Sensei!
SIGN: Teachers' Office
2: And now to present the recipients of the World Gold Culture prize.
3: Wuld the recipients please step forward?

1: OK.
SFX: snap x2
2: That day, I begged my teacher to let me not graduate,
3: and became Vincent High's first dropout.

1: After that, I continued creating art as if my life depended on it.
2: I managed to acquire enough skill to do it for a living,
3: but I was still far away from the reward money and glory that came from creating a national treasure.
4: If someone asked me if I regretted my decision,
5: Those uniforms...
6: But I mean...
7: I couldn't tell them 'no,'
8: but no one knows
9: We only have one year left to live!
SFX: slip...
10: what decisions are really "correct" or not.

1: If dying could make you famous,
SIGN: 23rd Term Graduates
2: what would you choose?