#117. Run


tl by danluffey

#117. Run
1-5: haah
6: Miharu...

1: Uoooooohhh

#117. Run

SIGN: Every Morning News - Kyushu HQ

1: Urabeee! You've got a visitor.
2: Senzaki's in the lobby.
3: Urabeee.
SIGN: Abe | Lunch
Urabe | Fukuoka Airport - Return at 22:00
Sasaki | City - Direct Leave
Fujimura | Shiratori Meeting

4: Sorry.
5: Urabe's out right now.
6: Senzaki...?

1: Long time no see.
SFX: haa
SFX: haa
SFX: haa
2: I'm Urabe's boss, Yaegashi.
3: I think we've met once before...
4: I see...
5: So you came to stop Urabe from quitting...
6: Ummm...
7: Is Miharu...

1: She's at the airport.
2: She's been following the story of Flight 206 this whole time...
3: If you don't mind, could we talk a little?
4: She should be back after 10.
5: Sorry.
6: But I'm in a hurry...

1: How many months has it been,
2: Miharu?
3: The airport was the last place we met, wasn't it?
4: The Haneda airport, that is...
5-6: haa

1: So, in the end...
2: you didn't go to see him in the hospital, huh?
3-4: haa
5: puhaah
6: Can you put it into words,
7: Miharu?
8: You don't need to worry.
9: I want to know how you really feel...

SIGN: Fukuoka Airport
all SFX: HAA

1: Senzaki?!
2: It was such a tragedy...
3: I was pulled off my normal work and put in charge of negotiating compensation to the families...
4: I was just with Miharu,
5: Senzaki...

1: I came to see her...
2: She left.
3: She said she'd stop by the Coast Guard before she went back to work.
4: klak
5: Wait...
6: Can you just listen to a bit of what I have to say?

1: I learned from the Coast Guard reports...
2: how that disaster left you on the brink of death... but somehow, you managed to survive...
3: First, I need to apologize to you...
4: A small part of me...
5: was hoping that you'd just die.
6: You don't know this...
7: But last autumn, Miharu went all the way to Tokyo to see me.
8: She only stayed for the day...
9: All that, just to talk to me.

1: She intended to leave the apartment and break up with you,
2: she said...
3: But she didn't intend to get back together with me.
4: She wanted to redo everything and regain her trust.
5: She came to me...
6: to break it off with me as well.
7: I called her today...
8: and told her that you were in the hospital.
9: I asked her why she didn't go to see you.

1: I mean, isn't it sad?
2: You went out of the way to give encouragement to the woman who dumped you.
3: Even when she left that apartment...
4: She didn't say a thing to you, did she?
5: She went all the way to Tokyo to talk to me...
6: but wouldn't talk to you when you were right beside her.
7: And look at today...
8: Why did she come to see me... but not you?
9: There's where
10: the answer is...

1: I...
2: like you so much, Daisuke...

1: Boeeeggh
2: What are you doing down there?
3: umm... How should I say this...
4: Pooping.

1: When they gave the order to fire, and when I was actually firing, and even after that...
2: I thought of nothing but seeing you...
3: I... was the same way..
4: I just kept... thinking about you...

1: Let's get married.
2: Run...
3: The reason...
4: doesn't matter...
5: Just run!!

1: clack
2: clack clack

1: Miharuuuuuuu!!