#54. Correct


tl by danluffey

1: At 7:30 AM...
2: the captain of the Asian Trip was found in the sunken ship...
#54. Correct
3: He was immediately brought up onto a patrol boat
4: and sent to a hospital in a helicopter.
5: Now...
6: we will begin searching the Asian Trip.
7: Incidentally, about the captain that was sent to the hospital...
8: unfortunately, we just received word that he passed away.

1: At 9 AM,
2: the captain of the Asian Trip died.
#54. Correct

1: Let's go, Senzaki.
2: Our job isn't finished yet.
3: I was
4: the last one...
5: Shimokawa...
6: After you swam up with the operator, I spoke to the captain.
7: What?
8: Really?
9: "We'll save him, no matter what!!"
10: Don't worry.
11: We'll save him, no matter what!!
12: That's what I said to him.

1: I was the last person
2: to ever speak to him.

1: Was I correct?
2: Was that decision...
3: First...
4: Let's help the guy without the hat.
5: correct?
6: The one who was in true danger there...
7: We will transport the survivor to the hospital now!!
8: He isn't injured, nor is he in critical condition!!
9: was the captain, right?
10: If we had saved the captain first...
11: both of them would have survived, right?

1: You did it again...
2: That's so like you to make a decision like that.

1: Three days later,
2: our inspections and interrogations of the crew members came to an end.
3: The captain of the ship who passed away was named Uchida Hideo.
4: After the boat started sinking, he went into the engine room to close the air vent pipes to stop the oil from spilling out.
5: We finished most of the oil clean-up work,
6: then Ikezawa and I headed back to the Current.
7: I hated feeling like I was started to get used...
8: to seeing people die.

1: Ikezawa...
2: The captain who passed away was Japanese, right?
3: Now that I think about it... I'm pretty sure he was speaking Japanese.
4: I was so nervous that I didn't even think about it.
5: Sometimes, in order to evade taxes, Japanese companies register their ships in foreign countries and then just send one Japanese person to be the captain.
6: Wouldn't you get lonely?
7: If you were the only Japanese on board...

1: Sorry...
2: I was just kinda tired...

1: Is Daisuke still shut up in there?
2: Well, one of the survivors did die...
3: He's probably torn up about it.
4: Was I correct?

1: If I had saved the captain first...
2: Maybe...
3: he was lonely.
4: That again?
5: Come with me,
6: Daisuke...

1: Where are we going?
2: To the Kanmon Strait.

1: Daisuke...
2: I hear that apparently you were the last one to speak with that captain...
3: Yes.
4: What did you talk about?
5: He was just worried about the operator, who we decided to save first.
6: So I said "Don't worry. We'll save him, no matter what."
7: What about Shimokawa?
8: What did he say to the captain?
9: When the captain started to panic, he said "We don't know if we can save the other crew member, but we'll do our best." He sounded really cold...

1: I see.
2: Sounds just like him...
3: It'd be very dangerous to try and rescue a panicking man with a newbie like you.
4: So he decided to leave behind the captain, who was low on stamina, and save the other person first.
5: He didn't abandon the captain...
6: He did his best to keep the captain tense, so that he wouldn't get too relaxed and lose his wits.
7: Perhaps it was you who ruined Shimokawa's plan?
8: Saving people... is really hard.

1: Pretty soon...
2: a boat called the North King's gonna pass through here.
3: The accident happened around there...
4: The crew members of the Asian Trip are riding on the North King.
5: Now that the case has wrapped up,
6: they're leaving for home today.
7: As of now, we'll never know
8: just what kind of man that captain was.

1: Here they are...
2: Time-wise, that's got to be them.
3: Daisuke...
4: Honestly, I don't like the way Shimokawa decides things.
5: But...
6: What about you?!

1: Do you think that if you worry enough, you'll be forgiven?
2: Who can save someone
3: who doesn't even have an answer?!
4: Look...
5: At that moment, what did that captain want to do?
6: At that moment, what did you want to do?!

1: That captain...
2: wanted to save him...

1: I...
2: I wanted...
3: to save everyone...!