#22. Premonition


tl by danluffey

#22. Premonition
1: Two months after the pleasure boat accident...
2-3: haa
4: January
5-6: haa

#22. Premonition

1: There he goes, running off again.
2: He's been like that ever since the incident.
3: Wonder how long he's gonna keep it up for?
4: Tokyo

1: You look so beautiful!!

1: I didn't expect you to decide so quickly...
2: You're going to quick the newspaper in March, right?
3: That means three more months until the wedding.
4: Guess we'll have to find a place to live, too.
5: Obviously, we'll want thick walls.
6: Maybe an apartment house?
7: Hey, Miharu, are you listening?
8: Sorry, Takashi...
9: It's time for my flight.
10: I'll come back next weekend!

1: This is how it has to be...
2: A reporter who can't write articles...
3: has no choice but to quit.

1: Welcome back.
2: Well? How'd the fitting go?
3: Fine. Thanks for letting me out.
4: Two more months, and it'll be my one year anniversary here.
5: I'll do my best until the very last day.
6: Yeah... It's really a shame, though.
7: No chance of you rethinking things, huh?
8: Huh?
9: Rethinking... my marriage?
10: No, your work.
11: Would it be possible for you to get married and keep on working here?

1: You sure you won't regret...
2: quitting now?
3: ...No.
4: I have no confidence that I can go on working.
5: Still got that accident on your shoulders?
6: wasn't able to write a single sentence...
7: of the article.
8: I hate myself.
9: Why...
10: did I even become a reporter?

1: Hello.
2: Oh, long time no see.
3: Sure has gotten cold out, huh?
4: Looking for another scoop?
5: Oh... no...
6: Um... here...
7: Please share this with everyone.
8: I'm quitting my job in two months.
9: It's a little early, but you all helped me out so much, so I wanted to say thanks.

1: I'm... getting married.
2: Captaaaaain!
3: We've got a marriage quitter heeere!!

1: Is that so?
2: I bet you'll look wonderful in your wedding dress.
3: It's too bad, though...
4: That you have to quit working as well.
5: Yes...
6: My fiance works in Tokyo, so...
7: I see... It feels like we've known you for such a long time.
8: That reminds me...
9: I don't see Daisuke.
10: He should be back soon.
11-12: haa

1-7: haa
8: See?
9: Tell him the news.
10: Daisuke...
11: I'm getting married and quitting my job.
12-13: haa

1: And... I'm going back to Tokyo.
2-3: haa
4: Sorry.
5: I told you I'd chase you to the ends of the earth, but I'm going to have to break my promise.
6: A lot happened between us, but...
7: Thanks.
8-11: haa

1: Congratulations.
2: Sorry.
3: After that boat accident, he really changed.
4: He's gotten really passionate about his work,
5: and even goes off running like that on his lunch break.
6: I see...

1: Sounds like him, though.
2: After things calmed down, I got really depressed.
3: You couldn't write any articles?
4: I can.
5: Other incidents kept happening afterwards...
6: So eventually I dealt with it and was able to keep writing...
7: Despite what happened...
8: I was still able to write.
9: But the truth is, I haven't really written anything.
10: Not a single one of my own words...
11: Daisuke's strong.

1: I don't know if I should tell you this or not, but...
2: When Diasuke rescues people... He always cries.
3: He isn't strong. He's weak...
4: That's why he needs to keep moving, to keep from getting scared.
5: He's only 19...
6: That's why he's in danger.
7: If he keeps staying tense like this...
8: Someday, his cords will snap.
9: Yeah.

1: Daisuke!
2: Get inside already! It's too cold out here!!
3: There aren't even any waves today!
4: There's no point to being so hard on yourself!

1: No.
2: I don't want to kill anymore people on the sea.
3: Whatever!!

1: Miharu's getting married?
2: Aww, I'm jealous.
3: 3 days later
4: Just hang in there for two more months.
5: I feel like I'm gonna cry!
6: Daisuke's...
7-8: OK!
9: in danger.
10: That was Ikezawa's
11: premonition...
12: And he was exactly right.