#12. Screams


tl by danluffey

1: The two rescued adults are unconscious and in critical condition!!
2: Where's the hospital that's going to take them?!
3: Currently, the Coast Guard is doing all it can to locate the two missing children
SFX: fwap
SFX: fwap
SFX: fwap
SFX: fwap
4: as well as the capsized boat!!
5: Why can't they find the boat?!
#12. Screams
6: Give us the name of the hospital!!
7: If it's a pleasure boat, it should have an E-PIRB aboard, right?!
SIGN: Yawatazaki Pleasure Boat Capsize Accident TASK FORCE
8: It should have automatically sent out a beacon upon capsizing!!

#12. Screams
1: The boat is not at the point where the signal is coming from!
2: There's a possibility that the boat may have already sank!!

1: Just tell us the name of the hospital already!!
2: We cannot give you that information!!
3: Quiet down!!
4: Shit... Why can't you find the boat?
5: At this rate, the Coast Guard's going to lose its entire reputation...
6: I'll ask you...
7: Rescue Subsection Chief Tokita Hiro (38)
8: one more time...

1: You never saw the children?
2: Yes...
3: Once we got on land and looked back out... We couldn't even see the boat anymore.
4: Tokita...
5: You aren't going to get any more out of these kids.
6: These are laudable people who rescued two adults.
7: Please...
8: just let us go.

1: Hello?
2: It's Urabe, reporting in.
3: At 11:40, the parents were rescued by two local surfers.
4: Currently, at 13:00, the children and the boat are yet unaccounted for.
5: Take... Honoka...
6: Both of them...

1: Dammit!!
2: I'm having trouble with the rudder!!
3: Not even the fishing boats could go out on a day like this!
4: Why in the world did they go out in that cruiser?!
5: Chief Navigator!
6: How many more minutes until we arrive on the scene?
7: 30 minutes in a straight line.
8: I see... Apparently the waves are higher at the scene.
9: It'll be hard for us to search in this boat...

1: Ikezawa, let Fukue take over the controls.
2: Go and prepare to dive.
3: Daisuke, get the raft ready. You're going in it.
4: If it's your hometown, then you should be familiar with the tides...
5: Daisuke?
SFX: shiver (x5)

1: What's wrong,
2: Daisuke?
3: Are you feeling under...
4: No...
5: The two missing children...
6: I know them...
7: It's been a little more than an hour since the accident.
8: Their bodies won't be able to...
9: We don't know for sure that they're dead!

1: Please, have mercy!!
2: I don't... I don't have the courage to search for those two!!
3: Don't sell yourself short,
4: Daisuke...
5: What, are you saying that if you they were complete strangers, then you'd have enough courage to find them?
6: If you don't even have the courage to rescue people you know...
7: That's extreme logic...
8: I... believe that they're still alive...
9: Then why don't you have the courage to get in the boat?
10: What does it mean to believe?

1: What does it mean to have courage?!
2: Daisuke... get the raft ready.
3: Daisuke...
SFX: shiver (x3)
4: You're...
5: a hero!

1: Thank you so much.
2: Precious lives were saved today thanks to you.
3: But...
4: We want you to keep quiet about it for now.
5: If your actions are made public...
6: The media will push their way into your lives and wreck them.

1: You won't talk, will you?
2: Nah...
3: Let's go home...
4: Wait!
5: We forgot our boards...

1: Which...
2: hospitaaaal?!
3: They still haven't found the boat yet?
4: What's going on out there?
5: Right now, two helicopters are searching from the sky.
6: There are two patrol boats out, but aren't as mobile as usual due to the high tide.
7: Right now the patrol boats heading toward the scene are the Gale, a large boat, the Devilwind, a medium boat, and the Current, a small boat.
8: Divers are also preparing to search the waters where the boat capsized.
9: Strange... I find it hard to believe a pleasure boat would sink that easily.
10: There they are.

1: Sorry, but do you have a moment?
2: Who are you?
3: I'm Urabe Miharu from the Every Morning News.
4: Are you the surfers who rescued the parents?
5: We've got nothing to do with it!
6: Let's go!
7: I just want to hear about what happened!!
8: No!
9: We're tired!!

1: Please!
2: No!!
3: I know those kids!!
SFX: clink...
4: We started watching them before it happened.
5: From when their cruiser went out past the breakwater...
6: until when it capsized.

1: I'm surprised this boat can run so well on these waves.
2: Guess I'll try moving out of the breakwater a bit.
3: Kyaaa!!
4: Why are we shaking so much?!
5: Oh... I tried going past the breakwater. Guess we'll really shake out here.
6: I'll turn it around at once.
7: Put life vests on the kids just in case.

1: I'm not really sure what happened...
2: Honoka! Hurry up and put this on!
3: I'm scared!!
4: But it seemed like there was a lot of commotion happening on deck.
5: Takeee! Hurry up and come back!!
6: You need to put your life jacket on!!
7: Take!!
8: I'm not gonna let them trick me!
SFX: rattle
SFX: clang
9: I'm not coming out!
10: Waaaaahhh!!
11: I'm scaaaaared!!
12: Dammit!! What's going on?!
13: I'm trying to go back, but I can't steer...
14: Then...
15: A huge wave came up...

1: Since they were amateurs, they must have panicked when they saw the big wave and tried to turn the rudder.
2: That's the one thing you aren't supposed to do.
3: The boat took the wave on the side...
4: and flipped over.
5: We went out there immediately...
6: But the waves kept washing the boat down, and it got smaller and smaller...
7: We found one woman floating there.
8: She had a life vest on, but she was already limp.
9: The father
10: was screaming.

1: Takehiko! Honoka!
2: Takehiko!
3: Honoka!
4: No matter what we said to him, that's all he replied with.
5: I hear...
6: they still haven't found the children...
7: We did all we could!!
8: But we really didn't see them!!
9: What...
10: am I doing?

1: We found one!!
SIGN: Yawatazaki Pleasure Boat Capsize Accident TASK FORCE
2: We found a survivor!
3: We found one of the children!!