#11. Capsized


tl by danluffey

SFX: blub
SFX: blub
1: Daisuke...
#11. Capsized
2: I guess... I'm not really...
3: a hero after all...
4: When someone who isn't a hero stands in the center...
5: They die...

#11. Capsized

1: 6:30 AM - 6 hours earlier on the same day
2: Alright, I'm leaving now, granny!
3: Be carefuuul!
4: Man, I'm sleepy!
5: It's Sunday, for crying out loud! Being a working member of society is hard!
6: Morning, Take.
7: You're up early.

1: What are you doing over there?
2: Waiting for my mom.
3: She's coming home today.
4: Then we're all gonna go fishin'!
5: Wooow! That's great!
6: Come back safely!
SFX: vrooom
7: Takehikooo!!
8: Mom won't be home for a while longer, so come inside.
9: Huh, so he's going to see his mom for the first time in a while...
10: Although...
SFX: vroooom

1: They're not going to be able to do any fishing in these waves.
sign: Every Morning Newspaper - Kyushu HQ
2: Miharu, take care of this for me as well, would you?
SFX: fwap
3: But it's Sunday! Why can't all these cases take a day off?
4: It's hard to be a working member of society...

1: Mom!
2: Tomomi...
3: Mom!!

1: These are some mean-ass waves!
2: It'll probably rain a bit tonight...
SFX: fwoooosh
3: The wind's pretty strong.
4: Yeah...
5: Fishing, fishiiing!
6: Let's not go out today.
7: Yeah...
8: There's no reason to force ourselves to go out on a day like this.

1: Well that was kind of a waste.
2: Borrowing the cruiser from Suzuki and everything.
3: What? We're not gonna go out?
4: Fishing, fishiiing!
5: Takehiko, don't be selfish.
6: Fishiiiing!
7: Let's go home.
8: I made lunches, you know.
9: Sorry, Take. I know you were looking forward to this.
10: We'll do it some other time.
11: When?!
12: When?

1: I don't know...
2: This may have been our last chance...
3: What do you mean?
4: I'll tell you...
5: later...
6: You decided?
7: I'm sorry.

1: Oh...
2: Congratulations.
3: Mom,
4: congratulations.
5: So today's the last day we'll all spend together...
6: This... is the last day...

1: Wheeeeee!
2: Dad, this is scary!
3: Hahaha! You're such a scaredy-cat, Honoka.
4: C'mon,
5: we'll just do a little lap around the breakwater.

1: Mom.
2: You're so waaarm.
3: Mom, I like your boobs.
SFX: smush smush
4: I wish roads and houses were all made out of boobs.
5-8: Mooom.

1: I know, Take!
2: Wanna play hide-and-seek?
3: Yeaaaah!!
4: I'm good at hiding!
5: Count all the way to 100, OK?!
6: Come here, Honoka.

1: Honoka, do you want to live with your mom?
2: Yeah...
3: Honoka...
4: You're the older sister, so you understand that your mom and dad are getting divorced, right?
5: I've decided to get remarried with someone else...
6: So we can keep living together.
7: I'll... come and visit you now and then.
8: But... Honoka...
9: You'll always be my daughter.

1: Readyyy.
2: OK!
3: Let's go find Take!
4: Guess I'll have to keep going around until they find Take...
5: Let's see... Where could Take be?

1: The waves are getting rougher...
2: I'm surprised this boat can run so well on them.
SFX: pitter patter
3: Guess I'll try moving out of the breakwater a bit.
SFX: sputter...

1: Don't push!!
sign: Fukuoka Coast Guard
2: We'll release all the information!!
3: Just now, we received a report that a pleasure boat capsized in Yawatazaki!!
4: Two were rescued!!
5: Sakurai Masuhiko, 37 years old, and Watanabe Tomomi, 35 years old.
6: They left the port with their two children, who are both missing!!
7: Why do they have different last names even though they're family?!
8: Here are their children's names!
9: Hey, I'm answering here! Sakurai Honoka, 9 years old! Sakurai Takehiko, 5 years old!
10: Honoka? Takehiko?
11: Is that Take's full name?

1: Now,
2: we will set up a task force at the scene of the accident and release further information there!!
3: To all media outlets, please keep yourselves from doing investigations on your own and further complicating things!!
4: There was a shipwreck nearby.
5: We'll probably get sent out. Get ready.
6: Daisuke!!
7-8: klak
9: It was in Yawatazaki! Isn't that your hometown?!
10-13: klak
Sakurai Honoka
Sakurai Takehiko
Sakurai Masuhiko
Watanabe Tomomi

Yawatazaki, Fukuoka Prefecture
Pleasure Boat Capsized

1: Honoka?
2: Take?!