#10: Black Snow!! (1)

#10: Black Snow!! (1)

s1: whoooooo
1: Guh...

s1: crack
s2: thud
1: Heh! You think we're gonna just keel over in a place like this?!
s3: snap snap snap

s1: thud
s2: flash
1: Tch!
s3: dash
2: Prison break!
3: Prison breaaaak!

s1: whooooo
1: Ggh...we sure picked the wrong time to go hunting.
s2: grrrr...
2: What's wrong?

s1: rustle
1: H-humans!

1: Ugyaaaah!
s1: wham
2: Gaahh! D-damn dog!!
3: How dare you bite a human?!
s2: crunch
s3: thud

1: Heheh. Now that we have a gun, we're home free!
s1: rumble
s2: screech

1: Yukito!
2: He's got a bad fever.
3: It's kinda funny to think a cold-blooded guy like you would be lying in the middle of a snowstorm with a fever! Unbelievable.
4: Who'd wanna save a guy like you, though?

s1: whoosh

s1: haa, haa, haa
1: M-Matsuda. Why did you...save me?
2: Don't get any funny ideas! I didn't go out of my way just because it was you! I'd save anyone in that situation.
3: Besides, I still owe you for the Shuei incident.

1: ...Thanks.
s1: twitch
2: Shuddap!!
3: Hearing you thank me just gives me goosebumps!
s2: brrr
s3: heh
s4: rattle

1: Put your hands up!
2-3: Huh?!
4: Kato!
5: Matsuda!
6: What are you doing here?!
7: That's my line! Don't scare me like that!

1: Officer Kato?
s1: rattle
2: Don't worry, this is Matsuda, an old peer of mine from the police academy.
3: Sorry! I thought you two were escaped convicts.
4: Escaped convicts?
5: Yeah. Two death row inmates killed their guards and escaped.
6: They're like beasts. They killed a hunter just to steal his rifle.
7: Beasts, huh?
8: Well you just found two more beasts right here!
s1: twitch
9: Huh?!

1: Heh. Another one of your bad jokes, I take it?
2: Who's that? Your friend?
3: Just a passing acquaintance.
4: Hmph. Well, I won't pry.
5: Whatever you say.
6: By the way, I heard you quit the force?
7: Y-yeah...
8: Why?! I thought you wanted to become a police officer to get revenge for your father! To crush the yakuza!

1: Officer Kato, don't you think it's time we...
2: Oh, right!
3: See ya, Matsuda! Let's pick up this conversation again once this case is solved.
s1: blam
s2: splurt

s1: jerk
1: Don't move!!
2: Ggh...
3: I-it's you!
4: Hey, dumbass! We said don't move!!
s2: wham

1: K-Kato!
s1: thud
2: Ggghh...
3: N-Nakamura...
4: Heheheh! I'll be taking this, officer!
5: You sons of bitches!

s1: stagger
1: Woah! You're a cop too?
2: What, do I need to be a cop to want to bash your skulls in?
3: Heheheh! This guy thinks he can beat a pistol with his bare hands!
4: Heh...I've already died once.
5: Might as well take you down with me!
s2: blam

s1: thud
1: Uwahhh...
2: P-pleae, stop! If you do that, then they'll kill me too!
3: Yukito, you bastard!
4: Please! Please...just spare our lives!

1: Heheheh! You hear your friend there?
s1: stomp
2: He just wants to survive, even if means yanking on his buddy's leg!
3: Ggghh...
s2: grind grind
4: Not so cool now, are ya?!
5: C'mon, I thought you were supposed to be Mr. Tough Guy! Eh?!
s3: slam
6: Guohhh!
s4: bash

s1: wham
s2: crunch
1: Ahhhh...
s3: slam
s4: thud
2: M-Matsuda...

1: P-please! I'm sick! Please, please just spare my life!
s1: haa, haa, haa
2: Hah!
s2: spit
s3: splat
3: Hyaaaahahahahahahaaaah!!
4: That asshole...is he serious?!
Black Angels Vol. 2 / END