#1: A Black Angel Descends!!


tl by dan luffey

#1: A Black Angel Descends!!
#2: A Black Blade!!
#3: A Black Kidnapping!!
#4: A Black Siege
#5: A Black Impulse

#1: A Black Angel Descends!!

sign (above): Murakami Financing
1: Heheheh...
s1: flip
s2: lick
s3: tap
s4: slice

s1: bam
sign: Chinese Restaurant - Shuen

newspaper right: The work of a modern-day assassin?!
Crooked moneylender found dead!
newspaper left: The only clue was a tiny wound on the back of his neck!
1: They say there's a modern-day assassin out there!
2: Hah! You watch too much TV.
3: Who knows, maybe he'll knock off our manager while he's at it.
s1: creak...
4: Welc...

1: H-Hirukawa!
2: What do you want from me this time?
3: Heheh...an important witness involved in that moneylender assassination.
s1: squeak

1: Huh? A police car! Did something happen?
2: I'm baaack...
s1: creak
3: Wahh!
s2: wham
4: He's just a witness, isn't he?! Why are you putting handcuffs on him? You're acting like he's the murderer!
5: How many times are you going to put us through this?! Every time something happens in this town, you come here and pull out my brother!

1: You're a strong-willed girl...just like Seiji...
2: Let me explain something to you. Guys who've committed a crime once will always commit another one at some point.
3: No matter what. Got it?
4: Wh-what?!
s1: slam
s2: vrooom
s3: whiiiiine
5: That's one cruel detective, alright.
6: Rehabilitation doesn't mean shit as long as guys like him are around.
s4: Huuuh?

sign: Shuen
1: I know you just came to this town, Yukito, so you probably don't know anything about what's going on.
2: My brother was in prison for half a year.
3: He used to get into fights a lot.
4: He ended up fighting with a small-time yakuza over some insignificant matter...and accidentally killed him...
s1: crack

1: He was born aggressive and defiant.
2: But he's always been a gentle older brother to me...
3: Ever since then, that police detective named Hirukawa has been hovering around my brother
4: and treating him like a criminal whenever something happens.
5: He's as persistent as a snake -- and just as slimy, too! I can't stand him!
s1: squeeze
6: It's alright! I'm sure Seiji will be home in no time!
7: Huh?!
8: There's no way he could be some superhuman assassin...
9: Yeah, you're right!

1: Oh, don't tell my dad that I told you about Seiji. He's a bit of a worrywart.
2: Okay.
sign: DUI Arrests Award
s1: spit
3: Heheheh...Seiji! I never give up, you know that?!

1: H-hey! That detective's outside watching this place again!
sign: Big Bargain Sale
2: Th-that son of a bitch...
3: He's so creepy.
4: Can't you even boil noodles right, Yukito?! Look, they're all soggy!
s1: whap
5: S-Seiji! You don't need to hit him!
6: I'm sorry...

s1: bounce
1: Hey mister, can you get our ball?
2: Watch out! Run!!
3: That man's a murderer! There's no telling what he'll do to you!
4: A-a murderer...
5: Ggh...

s1: step
book: POLICE

1: There's been reports of a pickpocket in the second block! C'mon, let's go!
2: I-I'll just leave the bill here, OK?
3: You've really got some nerve, Seiji!
sign: Interrogations

1: Listen to me. No matter how hard you struggle, you'll never become an honest man.
2: C'mon, enough with the innocent act.
3: Heheheh...you know why I have the top arrest rate?
4: Because arrests aren't something that are made after crimes are committed.
5: You gotta force crimes to happen and then arrest 'em!
6: And trust me, you're gonna do something bad again!
7: Now, relax your shoulders, and let's go have some fun.
8: D...
9: Damn you!!

s1: rattle
1: S-Seiji!
2: It doesn't matter how straight-laced I try and be...as long as that guy's around...
3: Seiji...
4: He's a cop. We just need to grin and bear it for now...he'll give up eventually.
5: Shut up!
6: Seiji...!

1: Where did he go?
s1: punch
2: Heheheh...

1: H-Hitomi!

1: Hitomi!!
2: Uuuuu...
s1: glare

1: S-Seiji! Where are you going?
2: It had to be him.
3: That monster's the only one who could do something like this!
s1: glare
s2: kick
4: How...how dare you...

1: See, what did I tell you? You just couldn't go on without committing another crime!
2: You monster!! My...my one and only sister...
3: I'm gonna fuckin' kill you!!
s1: grin
s2: bam

1: S...Seiji!!
s1: dash

1: I-I...I...
2: I just wanted to live honestly
3: and work...
s1: wham
4: Seiji...!!
s2: uwaaaaaahhh
5: Seijiiiii!!

1: It had to be done. Self-defense! Right, baby?
2: Being a cop sure is tough work! You even have to kill people sometimes in order to uphold justice.
3: ...Y....
4: You devil!!
s1: turn

s1: spin

s1: grab
s2: squeak

1: What happened to my girl?
2: Sh-she needed to lay down for a while after what happened.
3: Hmph.
4: Guess I showed her somethin' a little too shocking.
5: Tch...
s1: slam

1: A Black Angel descends...
2: Wh-what?
3: Go to Hell!!
s1: psh

s1: slice
s2: yank

s1: bam
s2: thud
1: Must be one hell of a dump.
s3: squeak
s4: fsssshhh

1: Do you really have to go?
2: Y-yes.
3: I want to leave this place too. I wish I could ride around Japan with you.
4: It's not as much fun as you'd think...
5: Huh?!





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