#177 / A 1% Chance!!


tl by danluffey

#177 / A 1% Chance!!

1: You're really simple-minded, you know that?
2: No, you easily accepted a stranger as your ally... you're beyond simple-minded! You're a fool!
3: Are you the one who attacked Kurokawa?
4: Heh.
5: No one should have known
6: about Operation D. How did you find out?
7: Fufufu... the good-natured Blue Demon of the Eastern Sea told me aaaall about it!
8: /Blue Demon...

1: Now watch! Our victory is only a matter of time!!
2: You're completely surrounded! There's nowhere to run! Fuhahahahaha!!
sfx: shout

1: You sons of bitches!
2: Gwahh!
sfx: bash
sfx: dash
sfx: shout
3: Uwaaaaahhh!
4: Deaaahh!
5: Gehhh!
6: Hiiieee! R-ruuuuun!!
7: H-hey! Don't run! Fiiiight!!

sfx: smack
sfx: bam
sfx: shout

sign: Ooami Hospital
sfx: flutter
sfx: stagger
1: I-I can't let Sugata Kyouhei die... for the sake of the world... I must save him... but... even with this plan, he only has a 1% chance of survival...
2-4: haa

1: Just now, our troops surrounded Sugata's army and have gained an overwhelming advantage!
2: The troops are now awaiting your next command, Supreme Commander!
sfx: stand
3: I'm going to go and watch Sugata Kyouhei fall with my own eyes!
4: Bring out the car!!

1: The Supreme Commander ordered us not to kill Sugata Kyouhei. But...
2: He didn't say anything about the others! Murder them aaaaall!!
3: Uoooohhhhh!!
sfx: dash

sfx: vrooooom
sfx: clang
1: Owahhh!
2: Wh... whaaat?!
3: Hiiieeee!

sfx: vroooom
1: Uwaaahh!
sfx: screeech
2: Heheh.
3: Dan!!
4: What's this smell... smells like rotten tofu! I feel like my nose is gonna fall off!
5: Dude, I can't take it any longer!

1: Oh, there here is. There's the snake that's been stinking up our joint!
2: You son of a bitch...
3: I knew you were fishy from the moment I saw you.
4: And of course, you betrayed us!
5: Kyouhei-san... I'll exterminate that snake for you.
6: You're the one who's going to be exterminated!!
sfx: fwoosh
sfx: zooom

1: Haaah!
sfx: leap
2: Touuuryaaahhh!
sfx: leap
sfx: whizz
sfx: wham

sfx: whap
sfx: tok
sfx: schink
sfx: grab
sfx: tok
1: Chaaaarge!!

sfx: shout
sfx: dash
1: /This is no joke...
2: /We can't fight this many...
3: Looks like this is going to be the place where we die.
sfx: shout
4: Fuhahahahaha! I have no regrets! But I'm going to make sure I take as many of them with me as I can!

sfx: clap
sfx: rumble...
1: Deaaaahhh!

sfx: snap
1: Howaaaaahhhh!
sfx: dash
2: Gwahhh!

1: Hiee!
2: Don't fall back! Chaaarge!!
3: Yeaaaaahh!
sfx: schwipe
4: Seyaaaahhh!
5: Haaaah!

sfx: snap pop wham
sfx: dash
sfx: fwoosh

sfx: wham
sfx: whizz
sfx: slice
1: I will offer all of my life power up to God!
2: In return, please save the life of a man who must survive!!