#175 / The Last Straw!!


tl by danluffey

#175 / The Last Straw!!

1: What? Kurokawa was attacked?!
2: He was just taken to the hospital! He was on his last legs!
3: The doctors said they managed to save his life, but he'll be bedridden for a while.
4: Where are the men that attacked him?
5: That's the problem.
6: Apparently, Kurokawa was attacked inside the building.

1: Inside the building?
2: We have guards outside, so there's no way someone could have gotten inside without us knowing.
3: You mean that someone from inside must have attacked him?
4: I don't want to think that way, but judging from the circumstances, that's the only possibility.
5: Who the hell was it?! I can't believe more people are still betraying us, after all that's happened!
sfx: wham
6: Dan. Do you have any idea who it might have been?
7: I'm going to go check around now.
8: Please, just leave this matter to me.
sfx: click

1: /It's not him either...
2: /I've read over 20 minds, but I still haven't found the one...

sfx: whap
sfx: grin
1: Udou Yumeko-san, correct?
2: Huh? Y-yes, that's me.
3: Woooow! You really are so much cuter up close!
4: Let's fight hard together in order to defeat the alliance, Yumeko-san!!

1: Wahahahaha! Excuse me.
2: Who was that?
3: What a weirdo...
4: /I'm going to read his mind too.

1: /That man...
2: [At that time, Ryuuki was leading an elite army of 20,000 soldiers split into four groups to attack the front lines of Kyouhei's army... the Bremen!!

1: What?! The alliance mobilized?!
2: Yes! According to our sources, they mobilized approximately 20,000 troops!! They're planning to surround the Bremen with four groups of 5,000!!
3: I see.
4: What do you mean "I see?!"
sfx: wham
5: We don't have time to be sitting around here!
6: Don't worry, Blue Demon.
7: I already knew the enemy was going to try and take out our infantry first.

1: ...you mean...
2: You already have a plan ready?
3: Ohhhhh, I get it!
4: You just don't tell me the important things anymore! That's how it is! I see indeed!
5: That's not it, Blue Demon. I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings, really.
6: You don't need to apologize! I know how useless I am! I was a fool for believing you'd still include me regardless of how stupid I am!
sfx: wham
7: Alright, I'll tell you, but you have to promise to keep it between you and me.
8: Hmph!
9: What?1

sfx: knock
1: Yeaaaah, come on in!
2: Come in.
sfx: click
3: Hahahahaha! I see you're energetic as usual, Kaneda-kun.
4: Juumonji-san!
5: I have something to show you two.
6: Huh?
7: Please look out here.
sfx: clink

1: Ku ku ku ku...
2: Ch... Chintou!!
3: Please look closely at the flag Chintou-kun is carrying.
flag: Dokkouren

1: Awww...
2: Well? I had them make a flag for us.
3: Dokkouren...
4: I see! It's excellent. Dokkouren.... a hard core alliance, bound by the strongest of bonds! I'm sure they'll be strengthened even further now!
5: That's our Juumonji-san!! Let's raise this flag every time we fight!
6: Mmm.
7: That's it, that's it! Underneath our flag, the alliance's 20,000 will scatter like flies! Kukukukukuku!

sfx: honk vroooooom

sfx: vrooooom
sfx: flutter
sfx: screeeech

1: This is squad 1! We have reached our goal!!
2: All squads, report in on your current status! Over!!
3: This is squad 3! We've reached our goal and moved into position!!
4: This is squad 4! Because of the river we have merged with squad 3! Over!! This is squad 2! We just reached our goal!!
5: Roger! All squads are to remain on standby!!
6: Everyone! Move into position!!
sfx: dash

1: [Meanwhile, Kyouhei's Dokkouren Army had raised their flags and were rushing a reinforcement army of 3,000 to the Bremen's HQ.
sfx: vroooom
2: What's up, Blue Demon? Did something good happen?
3: Yeah, you could say that!

1: Well? Cat got your tongue? Go on, tell me about it!
2: Well, you know our great captain, leader of the mighty Dokkouren, Sugata Kyouhei! He's got another genius plan up his sleeve!
3: A plan? You mean for the upcoming battle?
4: Of course!
5: No matter how many the enemy sends at us, they're cooked! I can't wait to see the looks on their faces! Hee hee!
6: Wooow. That sounds amazing! I'd love to hear more about this genius plan, Blue Demon!
7: Sorry, but my bro made me promise not to tell!
8: Aw, come on, Blue Demon! I'll be finding out in a few minutes anyway.
9: But I understand. I won't try to push you.

sfx: silence
1: Alright, fine, I'll tell you! But you'd better not tell my bro!
2: Ahh!
3: /13 - Death! Rightside up, it means a sudden accident... failure... and death!!

1: /I-I don't believe it...
2: /K... Kyouhei-san... will...
3: die!!