#170 / The Die is Cast!!


tl by danluffey

#170 / The Die is Cast!!

1: [An early dispatch squad led by Umezawa from Obana High, along with Inaba from Kaiou commercial High, Kitajima from Ikeshiro High, Ooyama from Tendou High, and Sasaki from Joutou High, and 10,000 other soldiers have begun preparations for a final plan of attack on Sugata Kyouhei!!
2: clamor
3: murmur
4: shout

1: According to our sources, another 500 ran out on Sugata.
2: Now they only have a little more than 2,000 troops on their side.
3: I bet they'll see even more deserters by tomorrow.
4: We might even be able to win this war without fighting it!
5: No, we mustn't get too ahead of ourselves.
6: Have you forgotten the Supreme Commander's words? He told us to treat Sugata Kyouhei as a one man army of 10,000.

sfx: shout
1: What's all that noise outside?
2: Owww! L-let me go!!
3: Excuse me!!
sfx: wham
4: You idiots! Can't you come inside like human beings?!

1: We're very sorry!
2: But we caught these men watching us, so we suspect that they're spies sent by the enemy!
3: N-no! We're the men that deserted Sugata's army!
4: What? Deserters...?
5: I'm Kuwano from Kounan High! Please let me and my men join you!
6: We have about 500 with us! We'll do whatever you want us to!
7: J-just please! Let us join you!

1: So you understood that Sugata was at an extreme disadvantage and left him, did you?
2: Don't you think you're pushing your luck a bit too much?!
3: It's normal for people to run to the stronger side...
sfx: clank
4: But you know what I think of maggots like that?
5: They can't be trusteeeeed!!
sfx: clang

1: Don't you agree?
2: Uwaaaahhh!
3: Besides, there's no way our Supreme Commander would be OK with something like that.
sfx: grab
4: H-hiieee!
5: And if you're a commander, then you should know full well what happens to traitors!
sfx: lift
sfx: gwahhh
6: Traitors...

sfx: wham
sfx: crash
1: deserve to die!
sfx: crack

1: Uu... uwaaahh! Wait! I'll give you information! Just please, don't kill me!
2: Information?! You think we can trust maggots like you?!
sfx: wham
3: Guehh!
4: S-Sugata's army moved from Tougai High to somewhere else!
5: What?!
6: Shut the hell up! If that was true then one of our scouts would have already brought us that information!
7: Fuhahahaha! The only ones left at Tougai now are in a small decoy army of 100!
8: Sugata and the other soldiers already went somewhere else to make attack preparations!

1: Just who do you think you're fucking with?!
sfx: grab
2: You think I'd lie in a situation like this?! I know my life's on the line here!
3: Captain!! One of our scouts returned!!
4: We thought that the Tougai army had holed up inside the high school, but apparently they only left a few of their soldiers there!
5: Whaaaat?!
6: What the fuck were you scouts doing all this time?!
sfx: grab

1: D-dozens of loud buses drove into the school, so we thought they had called for reinforcements or something!
2: But after thinking about it, we realized that the buses were probably empty when they entered the school, and then carried a bunch of people out!
3: Yeah. That's probably it!
4: The noise coming from the buses were probably just tapes being played through a speaker, and they just made sure to be quiet when the buses drove out!
5: You fucking retaaaard!!
6: Alright, change of plans! Inaba and Ooyama! You stay here just i ncase something happens. I'll leave 3,000 soldiers with you! Me, Sasaki, and Kitajima will take the other 7,000 and attack Sugata's base at once.
7: Get up and show us to where Sugata moved his army, right now! And if you try to trick us, we'll kill you on the spot!!
sfx: grab

sfx: clank

1: Hurry, we're running out of time! Spread the soil all around the building!
2: Stop dragging your feet! Hurry it up!
3: What are we spreading this around for, anyway? I dunno! Seems like it'd be a better use of time if we started practicing with those pipes and wooden swords, but what do I know?!
4: They're doing something inside the building, too.
5: Hey! You three! If you've got time to work your mouths, then work your hands a little harder!!
sfx: Hiieee
6: O... osu!
7: Good work, Blue Demon.

1: Thanks, bro! Looks like we'll finish all the soil work in time!
sfx: whap
2: That's great. I expected no less of the Blue Demon of the Eastern Sea!
3: The underground work has just been finished.
4: Thanks, Chinen.
5: I'm sure your plan will be a success.
6: I'm honored that you would compliment me, sir.
7: All we can do now is pray that they fall into our trap.
8: I wonder where Dan could be at a time like this, though? Some Captain of the Special Forces he is! Eh, bro?!
sfx: grin

sfx: vroooooom
1-2: Messengerrrr!!
sfx: screeech
3: Approximately 7,000 troops from the alliance are heading here and will arrive in ten minutes, Kyouhei-san!!
4: Alright! Everyone get inside the building!
5: Operation MUD begins now!!

sfx: vroooooom

sfx: rumble
1: Wh-where are all those cars heading?
2: What's going on?
3: clamor

sfx: screeeeech

1: Sugata Kyouhei! Show yourself!!
2: I am Umezawa Ginji from Obana High, captain of the early dispatch squad!
3: Ahh! L-look up at the roof!
4: Sugata's on top!

sfx: rumble