#155 / The Pulse-Pounding Energy of the Sun!!


tl by danluffey

#155 / The Pulse-Pounding Energy of the Sun!!

sfx: fssssssh

1: The energy of the sun is the final step of the Cosmo Combo, which cannot be used unless one's heart, mind, and body are all unified in the name of justice.
2: You must not use this technique unless you are fighting a great evil and have tried all other options first.
3: Remember... this is not a technique you can use at just any time. If fail to completely unify your heart, mind, or body...
4: If you possess even an inkling of impure intents inside you, then you will not only fail, but the energy will be reversed on your own body. Do not forget this!

1: Now, begin, Kyouhei!!
2: Yes sir!
3: Let me repeat: when you wish to bring the energy of the sun to its zenith..
4: you need to turn matter into nothingness... let your body melt into the cosmic energy... when you feel yourself slip away, that is when you must press your hands together and release the attack!!
5: Otherwise, there is no telling what may happen! Not even I know!
6: You could fly to the future or fall to the past... or your entire existence may disappear altogether.

1: Now, begin, Kyouhei!!
2: Yes sir!

sfx: fsssh
sfx: tweet
sfx: splash

1: Haaa... haaaaa... haaaaaaa...
2: Haaaaaahh
sfx: crumble
sfx: fsssh
sfx: whooo

sfx: fwoooooosh
sfx: whooo
sfx: leap

sfx: tweet
sfx: fsssh
sfx: rumble
1: Kaaaaahhhh
sfx: crackle
sfx: snap
sfx: crunch
sfx: pop

sfx: snap
sfx: flash
sfx: fwoooosh
sfx: crack
sfx: pop
1: Uuu...
2: Howaaahhh
sfx: fwap

sfx: snap
sfx: crack
sfx: rumble
sfx: crack
sfx: thunk
sfx: pop

sfx: rumble
1: Ohhh!
2: Ky... Kyouhei is
3: floating in mid-air!!
sfx: fssssh
sfx: rumble

sfx: whoooooooosh
1: Th-the waterfall is flowing backwards...
2: Uuu!!
3: O-oh no!
4: If he keeps this up...
sfx: rumble
5: R-release your hands!
6: Release them, Kyouheiiiii!!

1: What are you doing? Release your hands, Kyouheiiii!!
sfx: crackle
2: Uuu...
3: Uuuuu...
4: /I-I can't!
5: /I can't release my hands!!
6: Uwaaaahhhh!
sfx: fwoooosh
7: /M-my eyes are spinning...
sfx: whoooosh
8: /I-I can't hold on anymore! My mind's fading...
9: /Will I make it in time?
sfx: leap

sfx: fwoooosh
1: Howaaaahhhh
sfx: snap
2: Uwaaahh!
sfx: zubababa
sfx: fsssh

sfx: jerk
1: Ahh!
2: Master!
sfx: tok
3: Master!!

1: You're alright, Kyouhei...
2: Y-yes!
3: B-but why is your gi all ripped up...
4: Because the space around all those who use the energy of the sun becomes a vortex of magnetic and vacuum forces. It destroys all those who touch it...
5: I can't even believe that you're standing here before me, without any severe wounds... I can only assume that you're extremely lucky.
6: It's also proof that your powerful body and mind was successful in mastering the energy of the sun...
7: Bro! Broooo!!
sfx: fwooosh

1: Brooo!!
sfx: shout
2: Bro, we've got trouble! We found out that Hyoudou Kai, the guy who's been looking for you, is actually the Supreme Commander of the Eastern Japan Alliance!
3: What?!
4: I had a feeling that was the case... what a cruel twist of fate... the Supreme Commander is also the man who killed my master, Hyoudou Kai!!
5: Blue Demon, we're heading down from the mountain!!
6: Yeaaaaah! I've been waiting for this! It's about damn time!!

1: [Japan Imperial Hotel
2: What...?

1: After interrogating all of Kubou Shouen's disciples,
2: we've found one possible man who may have inherited the energy of the sun.
3: What's his name?!
4: He's the current Commander of Tougai High... and also the man who defeated Director Yui...
5: Sugata Kyouhei!!