#150 / Evil Closes in on Hakkemi!!


tl by danluffey

#150 / Evil Closes in on Hakkemi!!

1: Broooo!!
2: Brooo, we've got trouble!!
3: S-someone just called and said the hearse drove into Senoku High!
4: What?!
5: Hakkemi's in trouble! Let's go, Blue Demon!!
6: You betcha!!

sign: Senoku High
sfx: whoooooooo

1: Attention to Commander Hakkemi Tokujirou of Senoku High and all his men...
2: we will now begin executing you.
sfx: silence
3: There's no use in hiding!!
4: Come out!!

1: A girl...?!
2: Commander Hakkemi will neither run nor hide.
3: I will guide you to him, so please, follow me.

1: chirp chirp...
sfx: flutter
2: Is this a trap?
3: Could be.
sfx: grin
4: Here.

sfx: ding
1: Wh...
2: What?!
3: As you can see, this is Commander Hakkemi's grave.
4: Hohhh... so he's already dead, huh?
5: Heh...

1: No. If the bell's still ringing, then he's still alive.
2: But he will only last for another day or two.
3: A week ago, he learned that you would come today, and also found out that he would die.
4: Therefore, he decided to mummify himself inside this stone tomb.
5: Now, unless you have any more questions,
6: I would like to ask you to please vacate the premises.
7: No can do!!

1: We need to kill him with our own hands and make sure he really dies.
2: It's impossible.
3: What?!
sfx: ding
4: You would need the strength of a bulldozer to destroy this tomb.
sfx: grin
sfx: ding

sfx: twitch crack
sfx: fwoom

1: You're lucky...
2: you'll get to witness the power of the Dark Qigong Fist!!
3: Howaaaahh
4: Howaaahhh
sfx: pop

grave: The martial artist - Hyoudou Kengou

1: I created the Dark Qigong Fist by combining your Cyclone Fist with Shouen's Qigong Fist.
2: But it still isn't perfected!
3: In order to make the Dark Qigong Fist the strongest martial art history has ever seen... there's one more technique I need to learn!
4: The energy of the sun, which was passed on to one of the Qigong Fist disciples!!

1: Eventually, I will find him, and when the energy of the sun becomes mine...
2: I will become the most powerful man in the world, and everyone shall kneel before me!!
3: Who's there...
4: Stop hiding and show yourselves!
sfx: rustle

1: Hmm...?!
2: Who are you?
3: Don't tell us you forgot!!
4: We're students of Master Gotou, the man you killed in the Tokyo dojo!!
5: Oh... so you followed me here?
6: That's right!
7: Prepare yourself, nemesis of Master Gotou!!

sfx: leap
1: Uuu!
2: Hyoudou's escaping?!
3: Of course not. I just don't want to sully my father's grave with your blood.
4: Follow me.

1: I came here solely to visit my father's grave, so if possible, I don't want to spill blood here.
2: I'm going to give you all one last chance.
3: What?!
4: Watch.
5: Hooohhhh
sfx: squeeze

1: Howaaahhh
sfx: tap
2: Hoh...

1: Wh-what?
2: What did he do?!
3: Fuhahaha! So what if you can poke it and move it? Who cares?
4: H-hey, look!
5: Huh?!
6: The spot where his fingers hit it...
7: Ahhhhh! It's cracking up like tinfoil!!
sfx: crackle

sfx: kaboooom
1: Uwaaahh!
2: Hiiieee!
3: This is the power of the Dark Qigong Fist.
4: Now yield or die!!