#145 / The End of the Deathmatch!!


tl by danluffey

#145 / The End of the Deathmatch!!

1: /Is he immortal...?
2: It's no good... not even my bro's invincible Qigong Fist can stop Muha Metto!!
3: H-he really must be a living, breathing demon!!
4: /I used the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn portions of the Cosmo Combo on him... no normal human could withstand that much damage!

1: What's wrong? Is that all you've got?
2: /All I have left now are the three royal energies of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, which I've never used before... and then the technique which my master ordered me never to use them unless I was prepared to lose my life for good... the deeply forbidden, sealed technique, the final Qigong of the Sun!!

1: What's wrong? All done?
2: I guess it's my turn now, then!
3: Look into my eyes!
4: Uuuu!!

1: Ahhh! S-Sugata's getting hypnotized again!
2: Oh... oh shit!!
3: B-brooo! Noooo! Wake uuup!
4: Gufufufu... I'll send you to Hell by my own hands this time,
5: and make it so that no shock could possibly bring you back to life again!

sfx: grab
1: I'm going to crush your neck into pieces!
sfx: crack
2: Brooooo!
3: Diiiie, Sugata Kyouhei!!

sfx: crack
sfx: snap
1: Uuuu!
2: I never fall for the same trick twice!
sfx: grab

1: Qigong Fist - Cosmo Combo!!
2: The energy of Uranus!!
3: Uwaaahh!
sfx: whoooosh

1: Ahhh! They both flew into the sky!
2: Howaaaahhh
sfx: dododo
3: Uwaaahhh!

sfx: wham
sfx: tok

sfx: jerk
1: Uuuu!
2: Not even the enegy of Uranus worked?!
3: Hie... hiiieeee! H-he really is a monster!
4: We're finished! There's no way to kill him!
5: Gufufu... there is no weapon capable of destroying the great Muha Metto!!

1: Looks like that Qigong Fist of yours was nothing special after a...
2: ll...
sfx: splurrrt
3: Fh... fhaat... fwat's fappening... blecch
4: Ahhh!
5: /Th-the effects from the moon energy are finally starting to show...

sfx: splorrge
1: Buhohh!
2: /Now the effects from the energy of Mercury!
3: Bogehhh!
sfx: pop
4: Piuaaahieeeee!
sfx: crack
5: Ahhhh!
6: The effects of Sugata's attacks are finally starting to show!!
7: /The effects from the energy of Venus and Mars!

sfx: splaattter
1: Dowaaaaahhh!
2: The energy of Saturn...
3: All that remains now... is the energy of Uranus!!
sfx: splurrrrgg
sfx: splaat
sfx: thud

1: H... he did it!
2: Sugata won...
sfx: silence
3: Bro, get over here!!
4: Dan, Juumonji, and Chintou!

1: Chintou, hang in there!!
2: Uuu!
3: Dan!! Juumonji!!
4: They've lost so much blood...
5: Both of them got their blood sucked out by the vampire bats, but they should be OK if they get a transfusion...
6: Hakkemi!!
7: Kyouhei-san, you were truly born under a lucky star. After all, my divination told me that you would lose this battle for sure...
8: Sugata-san!!

1: We lost! Please, finish us off by your hand here and now!
sfx: thud
2: As of now, the Supreme Commander will only execute us as traitors once we returns. We're going to die anyway, but we'd rather go by your hand!!

1: Next time, when we're reborn,
2: we promise to live just lives! Now, please!
3: Alright.
4: B... bro!!
5: Stop breathing. Empty out your hearts
6: and your minds...
7: Howaaaaahhh
sfx: tap

1: I just stopped your hearts for a moment now.
2: Then, I filled them with new life!! You are no longer the men you used to be.
3: You have been gifted with new lives. Remember the regrets from your past, abandon your self-interest, and live for the sake of the world!
4: Y... yes, sir!

1: Nishikiori...