#109 / Fear the Devil Hair!!


tl by danluffey

#109 / Fear the Devil Hair!!

1: No! You can't die, Azusa-chan!!
2: Brooooo!!
3: Stop panicking, Azusaaaaaaa!!

sfx: smack
sfx: crack

1: Haaahhh
sfx: fwoom

1: Uuuu!
sfx: slash
1: Brooooo!!

sfx: crack
sfx: clatter
1: Gggh...

1: Fufufu... as you can see, that was nothing but my real hair.
2: Touching them now will be like touching a string of razor blades!!
3: How long will you be able to keep dodging them, I wonder?
4: Fufufu...

sfx: spin
1: Ah...
2: Fuhahaha!

1: Haaaaahhh
sfx: fwom
sfx: slash
sfx: crumble
2: Hah

1: Uwaaahh!
sfx: fssssh
sfx: fwooom
sfx: snap
1: Owww!
2: Haaah
sfx: yank

sfx: slash
sfx: thud
1: Fufufu... now that your leg is injured, it's truly impossible for you to escape!
2: Stop this pathetic floundering already.
3: Accept your plight and pray for salvation!!

sfx: vrooom...
1: Whose car is that?!
2: That's strange. The 600 Commanders should all be inside...

1: Waaaaait! This parking lot is for alliance members only! Public cars are prohibited from entering!!
2: Huh? It's a license plate from Tochigi!
3: U-turn! U-turn the hell outta here!
4: Hey, you! You're not allowed in either!
5: Ahhh! Here comes another one from behind! What the hell were the entrance guards thinking?!
plate 1: Yokohama
plate 2: Gunma

sfx: click
sfx: whaaam
1: Guehhh!
sfx: bam

1: I see you're a quick worker as always, Ibaraki!
2: Yo... Chiba!
3: And Gunma!
4: It isn't just us... look!
5: The Directors from Kanagawa, Saitama, and Tochigi are here as well.
6: All 6 Eastern Japan Directors have gathered together!

1: N-nine front buttons... six sleeve buttons...
2: Wh-whaaat?! Does this mean they're...
3: Kanagawa!!
4: Ibaraki!!
5: Chiba!!

1: Tochigi!!
2: Saitama!!
3: Gunma!!
4: The Directors from the 6 Eastern Japan prefectures!!!

1: Dohieeeeeehhh!
2: Hahaaaaaah! We had no idea! Please forgive our insolence! We beg you!
3: I hear Yui's got quite the show planned for us.
4: Appparently he's going to execute some fool who dared to rebel against the alliance.
5: He must be some guy, if Yui's going to execute him personally.
6: Yui called me and told me to come watch if I was interested.

1: And what do you know? All 6 of us turn up! We've all sure got a lot of time on our hands, don't we?!
2: Gwa ha hahahaha!
sfx: crash clang bam
3: What's all that noise?
4: U-ummm, well, the truth is...
5: Whaaat?! A group of the Commanders switched over to the side of the man who's gonna be executed and started a rebelllion?! Where is he right now? Show us to hiiiim!!

sfx: Hoooohhh
1: Fufufu... good. It seems as if you've finally realized that this will be the end for you,
2: and you've started to pray, perhaps?
3: Wrong, Yui!!
4: Feast your eyes on one of the hidden techniques of the Qigong Fist -- the Kaichuu Kesshouken! (*Kidnapping Elbow Crystal Fist)