#99 / The End of the Violent Struggle!!


tl by danluffey

#99 / The End of the Violent Struggle!!

1: So this is the Qigong Fist...?
2: I may have dropped my guard, but it's still commendable that you were actually able to damage me.
3: Out of the way, vermin!
sfx: crack
4: Ugyaaahhhh!
sfx: roll

1: That will be your last act of resistance, though.
2: You should focus only on praying for mercy now.
sfx: pop...
3: Oataaaaahhhh
sfx: fwoom

sfx: boom
1: Howaaiiiih
sfx: leap

sfx: tok
sfx: splurt
1: Kuh...
sfx: stagger
2: Fufufu... you don't know when to give up!
sfx: crack

1: Haahh
sfx: leap
sfx: fsssh
2: throb
3: Owww!
sfx: slam

sfx: thud
sfx: spin
1: Diiiiie!
sfx: fwoom
sfx: thud

1: Uoohhh!
sfx: splurt
sfx: fwoosh
sfx: slam
sfx: grin
sfx: crack

sfx: grab
1: Uoohhh!
2: Fu fu fu...
3: The Dark Sambo Spine Compression Octopus Hold! Understand that no one has ever escaped this technique!
sfx: creak

1: I'll break your bones one by one, just like I did to that one-armed man...
sfx: creak pop
2: You will die suffering through this final living hell!
sfx: snap
3: Gwaaahh!
4: Brooooo!!
5: /Su... Sugata!

1: /I struck your glabella pressure point... if you stay still, your body should return to almost completely normal!!
2: /I completely lost... the only one who fully inherited the heart, technique, and body of Kubou Souen's Qigong Fist is you, Sugata... and only you!!
3: First, your left shoulder-blade...
4: Uuuu...
5: And then, your clavicle! And then your sternum! And then your hipbone! And then your cervical vertebrae! I'm going to break them all in order!
sfx: creak pop
6: Uwaaahhh!

1: Waaahhh!
2: /Uuu... my strength...
3: Fuhahahahaha! You just lost all your strength, didn't you?!
4: The reason I struck your stomach was to knock out all of your power!
5: Sooooorehh!
sfx: creak pop
6: Uwaaaahhhh!
sfx: snap creak
7: /This is the end! There's nothing more I can do...

1: Fuwa ha ha ha ha! Hahahahaha!
2: /My mind...
3: /is fading away...
4: Hm?
5: Uuu!

1: I can't let this man die at the hands of scum like you.
2: You're the one who's going to Hell!
3: /Ta... Takamine-san!!
4: Stay back, you half-dead loser...
sfx: gwahh
5: /N-no, Takamine-san! If you move now, your body will never...

1: Sugataaaa! Live enough for me, and become the successor to the Qigong Fist!!
sfx: gwaaahh
2: And I have one more thing to say!
3: You, Sugata, are a great enough man to become the Supreme Commander
4: of the Eastern Japan Alliance!!
sfx: boom

sfx: splurt
sfx: splat
1: Fuh.
2: Close, but no cigar. You missed my heart by just a little. Looks like you're the one who's going to Hell, not me!
3: Ggh...
sfx: creak
sfx: snap

sfx: thud
1: Takamine-san!!
2: Ahhh!
3: Ta... Takamine... san...
4: We were interrupted, but don't think you're safe now.
5: There's no need to mourn his passing. Your departure has only been delayed by a minute -- you'll be with him very soon!

1: Doaaaaahhhhh
sfx: fwahhh
2: Oataaaaahhh
sfx: wham

sfx: fwooooom
sfx: slam
1: Wh... what happened?!
2: H-he seems completely different than he was be...
sfx: thud

1: [Ex-Sub-Commander of Tougai High, Takamine Youji, died here at age 17...