#96 / Glory or Death!!


tl by danluffey

#96 / Glory or Death!!

sfx: gwaaaaahhhh...
1: The air flow is creating a whirlwind around him...
2: And what pressure! There's absolutely no opening for me to get inside...

sfx: slip
1: Just as I thought... you really are blind.

1: Fu fu fu...
2: Not only are you one-armed, but you're blind...
3: And yet you still dare to challenge the great Sambo Kamilov? Hilarious!!
4: Beating you won't earn me any bragging rights.
5: Begone!!
sfx: fwoosh

sfx: fwip
sfx: clink
1: Iyaaaaaahhh!
sfx: fwoosh

sfx: spin
sfx: tok
sfx: pop
1: Uuu!
sfx: pop
2: Ohhhh!

sfx: grin
1: If you insist on dying, then I'll grant your wish!
2: I'll show you a hellish banquet of agony with my Dark Sambo techniques! But first, the Spine Compression Octopus Hold!
sfx: crack pop
3: Diiiiie!

1: Sa... Sano-san!
2: Kyouhei... san!
3: A horrifyingly powerful assassin is after you...
4: As you can see, he took out Okakura and I already!

1: Juumonji-san stopped the assassin, Sambo Kamilov! While he's busy, you need to hurry up and esc...
2: Juumonji-san?!
3: Kyo... Kyouhei-san!!
sfx: dash
sfx: fwoosh
4: Mmmm!!

sfx: leap
1: Hooooohhh
2: Uuuu!
sfx: kaboom

sfx: tok
1: Ta... Takamine-san!!
2: This is perfect! There isn't anyone around to get in our way!
3: Today will be the day we settle things once and for all!

1: Hyoooo!
2: Ahh!
3: Help meee!
4: Broooo!
5: Blue Demon!!
6: If you want to save him, then first you need to defeat me!!

1: But to one who is about to become prey for the Solid Qigong...
2: that is a dream that will never come true!
sfx: fwap
3: Let's go, Sugata!!

1: You and I are both direct disciples of Kubou Shouen, Takamine-san! I don't want to fight you!
2: Silence, Sugata!!
3: From the day you appeared at Tougai, you and I became destined to duel!

1: Take this!
2: Solid Qigong Hailstorm Combo!!
sfx: fwap
3: Howaaaaahhh
sfx: fwoom

1: Hoaataaaaahhh
sfx: zubababa
sfx: skid
2: You can't escape!!
3: Diiiiie, Sugata!!
4: Uwaahh

sfx: dobabababababa
1: Ahh!
2: Broooo!!

sfX: fssssh
1: Gahaaaah

sfx: fwooosh
1: Iyaaaaaahhh!
sfx: clink
sfx: slice
2: grin

sfx: fwoom
sfx: snap
sfx: grab
1: Uuu!
sfx: toss
2: Wahh!
3: Gwaaaaahhh!
4: Fu fu fu...

1: Now that you've fallen into my trap, you're finished... no matter how much you struggle!
2: It's absolutely impossible to escape from the Spine Compression Octopus Hold!
3: Little by little, I'll snap your shoulders, your pelvis, your breastbone, and then your spine in your neck. Each bone, one by one...
4: To me, it all sounds like a wild symphony, a banquet of agony, the pained, tortured cries of all the dead souls in the pit of Hell!
5: Be sure to wait after you reach Hell! Sugata Kyouhei will soon come to join you!!
sfx: snap crack pop
6: Gwaaaaaahhhh!

1: Fuh...
2: Fufun!

1: The Qigong Fist may be able to break through brick walls,
2: but to a master of the Solid Qigong like me, who's trained his entire body into an impenetrable mass of steel muscle, it's absolutely useless!
3: And not only that, but I couldn't even feel it when you hit me!! Fuhahahahaha!
4: It wasn't because my attacks were weak.
5: It was because I disabled your sensory organs.
6: What?!
7: Takamine-san...
8: Your body will never be the same again.

Dokkouren Vol. 11 / END