#83 / A Decision to Depart!!


tl by danluffey

#83 / A Decision to Depart!!

1: I know he's your father, but I still think it's rare to see a child who resembles his parent so perfectly, right down to your face and of course, your voice...
2: When I look at you, I can almost trick myself into feeling that Kaiba Junpei is standing right in front of me.

1: /Father...!!
2: /Kyouhei isn't grandfather's child?!
3: /Th-then he and I are...
4: The seven armed thugs surrounded Junpei.

1: All of them were hungry for blood, but Junpei just continued to stand there, as if nothing was the matter.
2: Then, one of them grew irritated and swung down a lead pipe at him.
3: Suddenly, Junpei leapt into the sky!
4: In the next instant, the dreadful sound of human flesh being pounded echoed through the valley.

1: Truly, they didn't even know what had hit them,
2: and the battle ended in an instant.
3: I was saved...
4: The moment I realized this, all the tension dissipated from my body and I fainted.
5: When I woke up, I was in a hospital bed.

1: Luckily, my two granddaughters were fine, and back in good health, but I had lost my wife.
2: If I had come in only a bit later, I would have also died from blood loss.
3: It was 50km to the hospital from where we were attacked.
4: Junpei must have known of some recklessly dangerous shortcut through which he could transport us in time.
5: The doctors said that when he arrived at the hospital, Junpei was covered in sweat and wounds, and emanating a fierce aura!!

1: The reason I am standing here right now is all thanks to Kaiba Junpei.
2: After he delivered us to the hospital, he rode off in his jeep. I never got to thank him.
3: But I owe my life to him... I used every method I could think of in order to search for a young man wearing a long school uniform.

1: In the end, I found him
2: much quicker than I had expected to.
3: This was because he was a very infamous young man among the high schools in Eastern Japan.
4: He was the leader of an alliance of schools that numbered in at over 50,000 people --

1: the first Supreme Commander of Eastern Japan, Kaiba Junpei!!

1: The first Supreme Commander...
2: Th-then...
3: This uniform really is...
4: That's right. That was the very uniform your true father wore.
5: F...
6: Father...!!

1: Then...
2: Then where is my father now?!
3: He...
4: no longer exists
5: in this world!!

1: Then
2: Then what about my mother?!
3: Your mother
4: has also left us.
5: And I...
6: was practically the one who killed them.

1: /Wh-what could he mean...
2: /G-grandfather killed Kyouhei's parents?!
3: Th... that...
sfx: swoon
4: That can't be...
sfx: thud

1: Azusa!!
2: What could she have been talking about with Kyouhei so late at night? Ooh, that Kyouhei! He's brought us absolutely nothing but trouble ever since he started going to Tougai!

sfx: fssssh

sfx: chirp
1: Master! Madame!
2: It's terrible!
3: Young Master Kyouhei has run away from home! He left us a farewell letter!
4: Kyouhei ran away?!
sfx: jerk

letter: Thank you very much for caring for me for so long. This may seem very selfish, but due to certain circumstances, I must say farewell to you all. Please forgive my insolence. - Kyouhei
1: And now he ran away from home! When will he stop causing us so much trouble?!
2: What is in the world is going through that boy's head?
3: You two could never possibly understand the kind of pain Kyouhei's experiencing!!
4: What?!
5: Waaaaahhhh!
6: A-Azusa...

sign: Wuhan Chinese High
1: Kuuuuu ku ku ku ku ku ku!
2: He was kicked out of school by his classmates, abandoned by his best friend, and now he's run away from home!
3: Now he has no choice but to mooch off his subordinate, Juumonji! It's such a sad story I feel like I could cry! Don't you, Yamawaki?!

1: Yes.
2: Now, the Sanen Kogai technique is nearing completion. Once its effects reach Dan and Juumonji, it will be complete. Then we'll simply need to finish off Sugata!!
3: You must make sure all that Tougai swears allegiance to me before that.
4: Collect lots of donations from the teachers and students and execute all who resist in order to set a good example!
5: Yes sir.
6: Kyaaaa!
sfx: screams
7: Uwaaahhh!
8: Wh-what are you doing, Yamawaki?!

1: Tougai is now under the control of Wuhan High!!
sfx: scream
2: All who resist will be killed without mercy!!
3: S-so that's what this was all about...
4: Damn you! If only we had known, we would've never...
sfx: grin