#73 / Judgment is Passed!!


tl by danluffey

#73 / Judgment is Passed!!

sfx: creeaaaaaak

1: So you've come! Sugata Kyouhei!
2: Soon, Director Yui will arrive to pass judgment on you.
3: Director Yui's word is absolute. No matter what he decrees, you must obey his orders!!
4: Director Yui has arriiiiiived!
sfx: grab
5: Wahh!

1: Huh...
2: /This is Yui Kyousuke? The man who sends chills up the spine of every Commander?!
3: So you're Sugata Kyouhei-kun.
4: I'm the director, Yui Kyousuke.

1: /He looks so gentle... he doesn't possess any inkling of the presence I would expect from the man who instills fear into all the Commanders!
2: /And look how calm and tranquil his eyes are...

1: Th-that's the Director?! Wooow... that's definitely not what I expected!
2: Well? How does it feel to have Tougai under your control?

1: /10 golden buttons...?!
2: /And six golden buttons on his cuffs!!

1: The uniform he's wearing...
2: belongs to the Supreme Comander of Eastern Japan!!

1: 10 golden buttons on the front, and six golden buttons on the sleeve... the highest accolade, given only to the Supreme Commander!
2: Why are you wearing that?
3: Why aren't you answering, Sugata?!
4: He asked you why you're wearing that uniform!
5: You don't need to answer him, Sugata-kun.

1: But if he insists, then he should first tell you why he forced you to surrender yourself to him!
2: Y-yeah, that's right!! Why the hell did you call us all the way out here?!
3: You need to answer us first!!
4: Silence! He didn't ask you!!
sfx: jangle
5: Wahh!
6: Understood...
7: In that case, Sugata Kyouhei...
8: I will pass judgment on you.

1: Uuuu...
2: Judgment!!
sfx: grin
3: Sugata-kun, from this day forward,
4: I order you to act as the Commander of Tougai High.

sfx: clamor
1: Y... Yui-sama, what...
2: Do you intend to defy my judgment?
3: Ab-absolutely not, sir!

1: However...
2: I cannot allow you to go on wearing that uniform.
3: It must be confiscated at once.
4: And from this day forward, you must pledge to obey any of my orders, no matter what they might entail.
5: Finally, you must pay a total of 500,000 yen to the Eastern Japan Alliance every month! That is all!!

1: D... did you hear that, bro?!
2: The Director only called you here to instate you as the Commander of Tougai, because he acknowledged your strength!
3: You did it!! And if you're Commander now, then that makes me a Sub-Commander!
4: Heeheeheeheeheehee! This is the best! Ain't it, Juumonji-san?!
5: J...
6: Br...
7: I refuse!!

1: What?!
2: Wh-what? Bro?!
3: You must have an idea of what will happen if you refuse. For your own safety, I recommend you gratefully accept Yui-sama's merciful judgment!!

1: I'm not changing my mind. I have no intentions of joining your organization!
2: Y...
3: You cocky little peon!
4: I just decreed an unprecedented judgment. It would be easy for me to execute you, you know. Instead, I decided to give you the title of Commander, because I felt that you would become a profitable asset to our organization.
5: This is truly unfortunate!!

1: Geninbo!! I will leave the method of execution up to you. (*Strict Institute Monk)
2: Understood, sir...
3: Wah!
sfx: swerve

1: Kill him!
2: Deaaahhh
3: Tohhhhhh
sfx: whip
4: Haaaah
5: Ohhhhh

sfx: wham smack crack
1: Uwaaaahhh!
sfx: thud
2: Uuu...

1: I'll be enough to take care of these guys, Kyouhei-san.
2: Everyone, step back.
3: Let's leave the execution up to Enmou! (*Hellish Ignorance)
4: Enmou! Come to the front!!
5: Have Mercy...
sfx: grin