Chapter 69 - The Last Order


tl by dan luffey

1: Are you alright, Aizawa-kun?!
2: Aizawa-kun?!
3: Y...
4: Yeah...
5: Stay with me, Aizawa-kun!
6: I'm going to go call someone.
7: S...
8: Saitou-sensei...

Chapter 69 - The Last Order

1: thud
2: smack
3: wham
4: crack
5-8: smack

1-2: throb
3: A...
4: Are you alright, Saitou-sensei?
5-6: throb

1: He stole my security card...
2: I have to catch him...
3: jerk
4: You can't, sensei.
5: We need to dress your wounds.
6: The animals are in danger.
7: Can you call someone?

1: beep
2: click
3-4: haa

p1: pop
1: They still won't be able to get outside.

1: The two doors that lead outside are connected to each other.
2-3: haa
4: Unless one is closed, the other won't open.
5: You're from an animal welfare group, aren't you?
6: I've seen that mark your clothes somewhere.
7: Stop your animal testing right now.
8: We're against all forms of animal torture and abuse.

1: These tests are lawful and reasonable.
2: If you have a problem with them, then how about taking it up with the government?
3: I can't just sit by and watch as animals are killed right in front of me.
4: Have you never once experienced some form of medicine?
5: Opposing animal testing means opposing modern medicine.

1: Uwaaaaaaahhhh!!
p2: slam
2: Animal testing data doesn't match up with humans!!
3: Animal testing isn't true science!!
4-5: squeak

1: If you really want humans to be healthy, then you need to stop these tests at once!!
p2: smack
2: Animal testing wastes tax dollars!!
3: It doesn't even make hospital bills cheaper! It only increases them!!
4: Doctors use these tests to write dissertations and gain status and fame!!
p4: smack
5: Animals are being tortured for their own personal gain!!
6-8: haa

1: Would you be happy if we did tests on humans, then?
2: Or would you rather we just do away with medicine altogether?!
3: Shut uuuuuuuuup.
4: squeak
p: smack bang whack

1: We oppose animal testing!!
p1: smack
2-3: squeak
4: Do you know what'll happen
5: if these mice get outside?

1: The mice are kept here in germ-free conditions.
2: Once they get outside, they'll instantly be infected with disease and die.
3: If you don't care about that, then go on, let them out.
4: But then you'll be the murderer.
5: Can you just tell me one thing?
6: Has medicine made people happy?

1: If killing animals for the sake of the human race is no more than egotism,
2: then are humans not supposed to want to be happy?
3: I want to figure this out for myself.
4: Is medicine human egotism?
5: Or is a human's desire to survive itself the egotism?

1: What does it mean to be a doctor?!

1: This way!!
2: click
3: There!
4: There he is!!

1: You met with quite the disaster.
2: Time to time, those organizations try to oppose us,
3: but they rarely try and infiltrate our facilities like this.
4: Hmph...haven't they ever been blessed by modern medicine?
5: Even the capsules of the pills they swallow are made from pigs.

1: Sorry, Professor Takanawa...
2: for causing trouble.
3: Saitou-sensei...
4: How were your five years of only saying "YES?"
5: At first, it was painful
6: never being able to voice my opinion.
7: But gradually, it became easier and easier.

1: I didn't have to think about anything anymore.
2: I didn't need to feel any responsibility toward my actions.
3: If you were the kind of person who truly stopped thinking there,
4: you probably would have ran away today.
5: You were hurt...
6: No one would have blamed you for running.
7: Saitou-sensei...
8: This is my last order to you.

1: No matter what happens from here on out...
2: never say "YES."
3: Don't submit to anyone...
4: Only work for yourself.

1: Destroy everything...
2: and create a new world.
3: Then, I want to tell me
4: the answer to this question:

1: "What does it mean to be a doctor?"