Chapter 66 - Work


tl by dan luffey

1: How about we eat lunch here,
2: mom?
3: I made a lunchbox.
4: I just can't break my habit of making food for myself.
5: But it's nice to eat outside once in a while, right?
6: It's almost summertime...
p: twist

Chapter 66 - Work

1: Five years later...
p2: beep

1: The recipient is a 55-year old man.
2: The donor is his younger brother, a 35-year old man.
3: Younger brother? They're pretty far apart.
4: Yes. The recipient is the CEO of a large company.
5: We have all the paperwork ready.
6: Up until recently, I never even knew he had a younger brother.

1: Stopping blood.
2: We'll be taking out the kidney now, so please prepare a tray.

1-2: fssssh
3: The next one's on Monday.
4: The recipient is a 40-year old woman, and the donor is a 45-year old woman who used to have kidney cancer
5: The kidney's still usable now that the cancer's been removed.
6: It'd be a waste just to throw it out. I guess it's kind of like recycling.
7: The only way to climb up the ladder in a hospital like ours, with no ethics committee,
8: is to just increase the amount of cases you deal with.

1: squeak
2: Hey, did you hear?
3: The rumor about the urology department.
4: You know how there are a lot of kidney transplant patients from other prefectures?
5: Apparently we're taking in patients who were turned down at other places.
6: Wow!
7: Does that mean our doctor's really good?

1: No...
2: It means he's doing dangerous surgeries that other places wouldn't.
3: Like transplants between total strangers...
4: or extracting diseased kidneys and transplanting them into dialysis patients...
5-6: knock
7: I've come to submit a drug order.
8: Please take care of it for me.

1: Ah...
2: Saitou-sensei.
3: Also...
4: The reason we take on all kinds of transplants is because I want to save as many patients as possible.

2: click

1: Five years have passed
2: since I began work at the urology department in a public hospital in another prefecture.
3: I haven't been in Tokyo for five whole years.
4: I don't feel a thing.
5: I'm just a robot who obeys the hospital's orders.

1: I'm home.
2: Welcome back, mom.
3: Where's Kaori?
4: Buying dinner.
5: She said she's going to boil some fish for us tonight.

1: sshzz
2: squeak
p3 sign: Fishing Pond
3: Huh?
4: Is that you, Ooizumi-kun?
5: Do you remember me?
6: we went to middle school together. I'm Akagi Kaori.

1: It's kinda weird that the first time we meet in twenty years, you're fishing.
2: I was just passing by on my way to go shopping.
3: Yeah...
4: I noticed you were back the first time you came home five years ago, though.
5: I moved around a lot after I graduated high school too,
6: but it's been about 10 years now since I came back.
7: Everyone knows that you're back, you know.
8: You just never came to see us.

1: I've hardly seen anyone for the past 5 years.
2: So much happened...
3: I just didn't feel like talking to anyone.
4: This pond's a lot dirtier than it used to be, huh?
5: When it rains,
6: all the water from the mountain meadows gets washed down here.

1: In the Showa Period, the government started promoting dairy farming.
2: They forbid any more rice farming, and forced all the farmers to start raising cows.
3: They even paid out subsidies for it.
4: Because of that, every time it rains now, all the manure gets washed down into the ponds.
5: It ruined the water and pushed away all the tourists.
6: I'm the owner of this fishing pond now, but I hardly see any customers.
7-8: bob
9: Not yet...
10: Wait for the fish to eat a little more of the bait.
11-12: bob

p1: blub
1: Now! Go!!
p3: yank
2-4: Wah!
p5: splash

1: fzzzzzzz
2: Hey, Saitou-sensei.
3: Wanna go eat some BBQ tonight?
4: Sounds good.
5: fzzzz
6: I found a good place near the south exit the other day.
7: fzzzzz...

1: fssssh
1-2: booop
p3 text: Professor Takanawa
3: Hello?
4: It's Saitou.
5: Oh, Professor Takanawa.
6: It's been a long time. Yes...mm-hmm...
7: Huh?

1: How about coming back to Eiroku,
2: Saitou-sensei...
3: The five years you promised me have passed.