Chapter 61 - Extraction


tl by dan luffey

1: Now you come out all of a sudden and think you have the right to say something?
2: You're an outsider here.
3: It's too late for your opinion to matter.
4: The surgery's already begun,
5: onee-san.
6: No one
7: can stop it now...

Chapter 61 - Extraction

1-2: klak
3: How are things going?
4: The recipient's ready.

1: It will be another hour for the donor.
2: Please rest a little.

1-2: klak
3: It's surgery.
4: Gimme a meat udon please.
5: thud
6: Delivery.
7: One meat udon.
8: Oh, thanks.
9: That'll be 450 yen.

1-4: slurp

1: I'm Kaori's older sister.
2: Who the hell are you?
3: My name is Minagawa Yukiko.
4: As I told you earlier, I'm Kaori-san's attending nurse.
5: That's not what I mean...
6: This is a family problem.
7: Family?

1: Then if we stopped the surgery right now,
2: would you take care of Akagi-san for the rest of her life?
3: Why do I have to talk to you about this?
4: I told you, this is a family problem.
5: I feel so bad for my mother, I can't bear to look at her.
6: She spends all day blaming herself.
7: Kaori abandoned her family.
8: Why does my mother have to suffer for someone like her?
9: Lately she hasn't even gotten up out of her futon.
10: I try talking to her, but she doesn't even reply.

1: Are you saying that stopping the surgery will make her feel better?
2: That's all you came here to say?
3: Onee-san.
4: What do you know?
5: Do you know how much we suffered
6: all because of Kaori's disease?
7: After all these years
8: what was my mother living for?
9: What right does Kaori have
10: to punish my mother?

1-2: klak
3: Well?
4: About ready to take the kidney out?
5: In about 15 minutes.
6: Can you remain on standby?
7: Hey, Mutsumi-chan...
8: Do you remember when we got married?
9: What are you talking about?
10: This is no place for such a discussion. Besides, I'm in the middle of surgery.

1: It was after Miwa-chan died...
2: Yeah...the third anniversary of her death.
3: I know, I know.
4: You said "I'm going to live for you," I think. Something stupid like that.
5: pfft
6: Hey! No laughing!
7: We're performing surgery here!
8: I still feel that way.

1: Onee-san...
2: Do you hate Kaori-san?
3: Well, there's no way I could like her, is there?

1: Extraction preparation complete.
2: The recipient's also ready.
3: I'll extract the kidney.
4: Cut the blood vessels when I give the signal.
5: Understood.
6: sprrgg

1: grab
2-3: smush
4: You never stopped thinking about her, did you,
5: onee-san?

1: Saitou, the donor,
2: is my boyfriend.
3: When he found out that Kaori-san needed a transplant,
4: he decided to donate his own kidney to her.
5: In other words, the two of them
6: are more than simple co-workers.
7: I want to ascertain that with my own eyes.
8: That's why
9: I decided to attend to them.

1: I won't leave his side,
2: no matter what he does.
3: Don't you see? We're the same.
4: But if your heart says with them no matter how far away you are,
5: then what's the point in hating them?
6: Don't you think you'd be better off
7: loving them?

p2: Takanawa Miwa
1: Hey, Miwa-chan...
2: I can't find the missing cards.

1: If only I hadn't offered to give you my kidney,
2: we'd still have them, wouldn't we?
3: If I hadn't done anything,
4: you wouldn't have had to die.
5: drip
6: Mutsumi-chan...
7: I'll give you my kidney...
8: If you ever need a kidney,
9: I'll give mine to you.

1: If you ever need a kidney,
2: I'll give mine to you.
3: You haven't done anything wrong.
4: I want to live for you.

1-3: blub

p1: pop