Chapter 57 - Doctors' Original Sin


tl by dan luffey

p1: rattle

Chapter 57 - Doctors' Original Sin

1: I'm a doctor...
2: I just want to save Akagi-san.
3: Is that the only thing you know how to say?

1: I'm a doctor...
2: I just want to save Akagi-san.
3: I'm no one else but me.
4: I think how I want to think,
5: and act how I want to act.
6: Don't get defiant with me.

1: This is all I can do...
2: What do we even have medicine for?
3: If all people die...
4: then what point is there to healing them?
5: If we're all just going to die,
6: then why do we have doctors?
7: Please don't try to make this into some immature argument.
8: It's offensive.

1: What does it mean to be a doctor?!
2: Aren't the patients the most important thing?!

1: The feuds within Eiroku and the past incidents at this hospital
2: mean absolutely nothing to me.
3: This meeting is for discussing the transplant between myself and Akagi-san,
4: not what happened between you people.
5: All I care about is the present.
6: Akagi-san is in danger right now.
7: She could die at any minute.
8: Can you please just understand that?

1: Akagi-san was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when she was 11.
2: When she was 20, her father donated his kidney to her,
3: and when she was 22, the kidney was extracted.
4: She's been going to dialysis for the past eight years.
5: The transplant made her estranged from her family.
6: Can you imagine how lonely she must have been?
7: You've done nothing but speak from your emotions.
8: Unfortunately, this committee operates on a strictly ethical system.

1: Does Akagi-san's life mean nothing?
2: At first, Akagi-san refused to accept my donation.
3: But when I asked her about her future,
4: she said this:
5: "I want to be normal."
6: Whether or not there are doctors,
7: everyone will still die.

1: When I deal with my patients,
2: I always feel guilty.
3: My patients are sick,
4: but I'm healthy.
5: My patients' diseases could force them to lose their jobs and ruin their lives,
6: but I'm still absolutely fine.
7: I take money from people burned with misfortunes known as "diseases"
8: and use it to make a living.
9: Maybe I'm just profiting from unhappiness.

1: In that case...
2: what does it mean to be a doctor?
3: If that's how you feel, then quit being a doctor.
4: I don't want to!
5: Even if I may have no interest in the job of a doctor,
6: I still think that life has value.
7: And if life has value,
8: then doctors have value.

1: If I can save Akagi-san,
2: then I'll also be saved!
3: What a preposterous idea.
4: Are you saying that happy people shouldn't become doctors?
5: This is why it's so easy for people to use you.
6: Your guilt makes you such an easy target.
7: You've got it backwards.

1: I'm the one using people.
2: Right now, you're all gathered here to meet my needs.
3: Kondou-sensei...
4: Just like you, I wish to create a society in which there are no people suffering from renal failure.
5: If transplant technology can make people happy,
6: then I think it should be used.
7: And if my kidney can contribute to that,
8: then I will happily donate it.

1: I want to create a society in which no one suffers from any kind of disease.
2: One where we don't even need doctors anymore.
3: I want a society where everyone's healthy.
4: And even if I did feel some sort of romantic feelings toward Akagi-san,
5: that has absolutely nothing to do with this case.
6: I simply want her to live.

1: Is her survival meaningless?
2: Was there no point to Professor Takanawa's daughter
3: living and dying?
4: Please help me...

1: I'm a doctor...
2: I just want to save Akagi-san!

1-2: klak
3: click

1: Minagawa-san.
2: Akagi-san collapsed.

1: I waited until the ethics committee meeting started
2: and then took her outside.
3: I asked her if she would take my kidney
4: instead of yours.
5: Along the way, a sensei who said she was your medical advisor came by.
6: While we were talking, Akagi-san collapsed.

1: It's my fault...
2: I...