Chapter 56 - A Dead Face


tl by dan luffey

1: A long time ago,
2: I also tried to give someone my kidney.
3: It was a person who had once received a kidney transplant from a brain dead patient.
4: She really wanted another transplant herself.
5: But...
6: before I could give her mine, she died.

1: She was a little girl named Miwa-chan...
Chapter 56 - A Dead Face

1: Chairman...
2: Will you approve this transplant?

1: It's not because of some past event
2: that we can't forgive you.
3: It's not because you transplanted a kidney from a brain dead patient into your daughter.
4: Not even because you did over 100 more brain dead kidney transplants after that, or evfen because you extracted a pancreas from a brain dead patient.
5: It's because you only ever act to fulfill your own personal desires.
6: You wanted to save your own daughter.
7: Then you simply wanted to remove kidneys from brain dead patients.
8: You even tried to create a law to justify it.

1: And now you want us to approve a live transplant between two strangers?
2: For what purpose?
3: To justify your past mistakes?
4: To restore your own glory?
5: Or to appease your dead daughter's soul?

1: I don't believe in the afterlife.
2: I believe that this transplant is necessary for the development of this field.
3: Saitou-kun...
4: You're just being used.

1: The men on either side of you
2: have both been accused of murder and mutilation of a corpse.
3: You're nothing more than a sheep they've selected to sacrifice
4: in order to get what they want.
5: Justice is weak...
6: and easily manipulated by evil.

1: But I'm me.
2: I decided to do this transplant
3: out of my own will.
4: Are you sure about that?
5: Maybe they've just managed to convince you of that.
6: Purity isn't a virtue.
7: Look at the reality here.
8: Wanting to stay pure in a world like this is nothing more than egotism.

1: Corrupt yourself.
2: Otherwise, you're only be swallowed up by evil.
3: Don't listen to him, Saitou-sensei...
4: It's true that we extracted a kidney and a pancreas from a brain dead patient.
5: It's also true that legal action was taken against us for it.

1: But so what?
2: Everyone does things like that.
3: As of now, organ extraction from brain dead patients is legal.
4: You even saw it yourself
5: when a heart was extracted from a brain dead young man.
6: That has nothing to do with this.
7: The organ extractions made on the brain dead patient the other day are in a completely different category.

1: Even if it's legal now, there was a time when it wasn't.
2: Rules are rules.
3: And medicine needs to follow the rules.
4: Really, what's the difference?
5: If ethics change based on what rules are in effect...
6: then what's the point of even having them in the first place?!
7: You still don't believe that what you did was wrong, do you?

1: What's good or evil, what's right or wrong...
2: Who decides things like that?
3: Think about it from an objective standpoint.
4: You should easily come to a conclusion.
5: What does it mean to be objective?
6: In the end, it's still your own decision, right?
7: "You" are the one who thinks that what I did in the past was wrong.
8: "You" are also the one who's against the transplant this time.
9: Objectivity is merely an escape.

1: Actions are always decided from a subjective standpoint.
2: "I think this way, so I'm going to do this."
3: You can't tell me there's no subjective will there.
4: If you want to rephrase it in your own words,
5: then go ahead, call it "self-interest."
6: Self-interest was the primary force that pushed medicine to where it is today.
7: I don't want to die...I want to heal myself...
8: Those are the desires that developed medicine.

1: This is a subjective question,
2: not an objective one.
3: I acknowledge my own desires.
4: Desire is what's changed the world.
5: Let yourself go wild,
6: Saitou-sensei...

1: It's always the passion of one person that ends up changing this world.
2: And self-interest IS passion.
3: That's a dangerous ideology.
4: Change the world.
5: Don't let him trick you,
6: Saitou-kun...

1: This transplant must not be performed.

1: Please...
2: Stop this.
3: I'll talk to Saitou-sensei.
4: I'll force him to withdraw his donation.
5: And I'll make sure he continues working as a doctor.

1: You just can't do a transplant like this.
2: I peeled back the sheet over Miwa-chan after she jumped out the window.
3: I was so shocked...
4: I had never seen anything like it.
5: Miwa-chan's face...
6: I...had never seen her like that...

1: I killed Miwa-chan...
2: I don't...
3: want to make anyone else unhappy...
p4: haa...
4-5: haa...

p1: thud