Chapter 54 - 20 Years


tl by dan luffey

1: Ethics committee chairman,
2: I would like to request a chance to speak.
3: Go ahead.

Chapter 54 - 20 Years

1: I'm Kondou from urology.
2: I bear full responsibility for this transplant.
3: I would also like to comment
4: on what Saitou-sensei has said.
5: I completely agree with the chairman's opinion.
6: Saitou-sensei's assertion lacks objectivity and equality.
7: As a doctor, he is in the wrong.

1: So?
2: What's important here are not his personal principles.
3: It's his desire to donate his organ.
4: As long as he is donating his organ out of his own accord, it's fine.
5: And I think that has been made clear.
6: He has accepted no money for this donation.
7: This is also not connected to any romantic interests.

1: And, just to make sure there are no misunderstandings, I will also announce
2: that I am the supervising doctor for this case.
3: His is also Akagi-san's attending doctor,
4: but he is nothing more than that.
5: He is nothing but a donor.
6: What are you trying to say?

1: That we are merely trying to perform a live transplant.
2: I don't understand why that is such a big problem.
3: Is it really that bad to want to help
4: a friend suffering from disease?
5: Like I stated earlier,
6: medicine requires equality and scientific objectivity.
7: We proved through the examinations
8: that this transplant has no medical or scientific problems.

1: What about equality, then?
2: What kind of merits does a special case like this
3: boast for other patients who need transplants?
4: Roughly 1000 kidney transplants are performed yearly in Japan.
5: Out of those 1000, transplants from live people
6: count in at over 800.

1: This is the highest number in the world.
2: Which means that Japanese ethics
3: permit live transplants.
4: On the other hand, out of the one hundred or so transplants done from corpses
5: only about 10 are done from brain dead patients.
6: Japanese ethics do not permit brain dead transplants.
7: What do you think should be done then, chairman?

1: In order to progress the kidney transplant field,
2: we need to increase the amount of live transplants that are done.
3: Live kidney transplants are exactly what we need
4: in order to save the many patients suffering from renal failure,
5: To be more specific,
6: we especially need more cases of live transplants between strangers, like this one.
7: He will be the first,

1: and I...
2: will become the second donor.

1: I will find a patient who needs a kidney transplant at Eiroku
2: who my kidney matches perfectly with, and contact them.
3: Then, I will confirm whether the patient wishes to have a transplant.
4: If they do, I will begin surgery immediately.
5: Of course, I will not require any monetary compensation for this.
6: slam
7: Don't be an idiot.

1: I'm fine being an idiot...
2: I lost my wisdom the same day I lost those cards.

1: Nice to meet you.
2: I'm Takanawa Miwa.
2: There are tens of thousands of people who can be saved with transplant technology.
3: Why won't you save them?!
4: I'll give my kidney
5: to Miwa-chan...
6: Why was
7: I born?

1: In America,
2: there are even people who volunteer to donate their kidneys.
3: They willfully offer up their kidneys while they're still alive
4: for people they don't even know.

1: Those are American values.
2: They don't fit with Japanese people.
3: Japan also has a system in which people can register their kidneys to be donated.
4: Those who register can donate their kidneys after they die.
5: Yes, after they die.
6: That's completely different.
7: If live transplants between strangers are allowed,
8: the possibility of saving patients suffering from renal failure will greatly increase.
9: By saving one person...
10: We may be able to save 100.
11: Therefore, this case has equality.

1: By allowing live transplants from people that are not blood related,
2: we can equally save many other people.
3: That's not equality...
4: it's simply stealing kidneys from a large number of healthy people.

1: It's been 20 years now...
2: I've waited 20 years
3: for a chance to do a live transplant between two strangers.
4: I waited 20 years for someone like Saitou-sensei to appear.
5: Please...
6: let me perform this transplant!!