Chapter 53 - Stealing and Losing


tl by dan luffey

1: Akagi-san?
2: No, I haven't seen her.
3: Is something wrong?

Chapter 53 - Stealing and Losing

1: Please allow me to rephrase my question,
2: Saitou-sensei.
3: As a fellow doctor, I do not understand your actions.
4: But you and Akagi-san know each other.
5: I understand how you could feel the desire to donate your kidney after getting to know her.

1: If it wasn't Akagi-san, though, then what would you do?
2: For example, if I had end-stage renal disease, would you donate your kidney to me?
3: I think I wouldn't.
4: Why not?
5: Isn't that unfair?

1: I don't believe in the word "unfair."
2: Everyone has people they value.
3: To go even further, I'd say that everyone treasures themselves.
4: In other words, valuing someone
5: means caring about someone more than someone else.
6: I...
7: bear no special feelings toward you.
8: So you bear special feelings toward Akagi-san?

1: I feel sympathy and compassion toward her, as a human being.
2: Not love?
3: No...

1: What do you like about Saitou-sensei?
2: Please, tell me.

1: That he never changes, I guess?
2: He doesn't lie, does he?
3: You can trust him...
4: I'm sorry...
5: I mean, once things come this far...

1: I can only either
2: love or hate someone.
3: There's one thing I promised Saitou-sensei.
4: If the transplant goes well,
5: I said I'd never see him again.
6: So don't worry...

1: I can live on my own...
2: I'll treasure Saitou-sensei's kidney
3: forever.
4: That's not fair, Akagi-san.
5: It's not like you'll
6: actually be alone.

1: As long as Saitou-sensei's kidney is in your body,
2: it means that he'll always be with you.
p2: bzzzz
3: You don't know, do you, Akagi-san?
4: He lies about
5: the most important thing.

1: Saitou-sensei told me
2: that he loved you...
p2: fsssh...

1: I'm
2: going to break up with Saitou-sensei.

1: I mean, it's only natural.
2: Saitou-sensei likes you, Akagi-san. And you like him...
3: Don't you think it'd be better if I broke up with him
4: and you two started going out?
5: It just doesn't make sense that he'd want to give you his kidney
6: simply from a doctor-to-patient standpoint.
7: He should just say that he wants to give it to you because he loves you.

1: Akagi-san...
2: Will you go out with Saitou-sensei?
3: And if you do,
4: will you stay with him forever?
5: What are you talking about?
6: If you die...
7: I think Saitou-sensei will really stop being a doctor.
8: I want him to continue practicing medicine.

1: He's a doctor...
2: So you need to stay alive.
3: I know that...
4: That's why I accepted the transplant.
5: Then will you go out with him?

1: Will that make you happy?
2: I have no choice, do I?
3: I want...
4: to be you.
5: Then Saitou-sensei would love me.

1: If I become unhappier than you,
2: then sensei will love me.
3: That's ridiculous.
4: What does that make you, then?
5: Accepting a kidney from someone who you aren't even in love with.

1: You and I are different people.
2: I can never become you.
3: So will you at least...
4: let me become a part of you?
5: I don't care if I never see Saitou-sensei again,
6: just as long as I can bind up his heart.

1: Will you accept my kidney,
2: Akagi-san?