Chapter 52 - 1 vs. 100


tl by dan luffey

1: I believe this transplant is the right thing to do.
2: Someone needs a transplant,
3: and someone is willing to donate an organ.
4: The recipient will not survive unless she receives this transplant.
5: My desire
6: is that she can go on living.

Chapter 52 - 1 vs. 100

1: First, I'd like to start out by asking...
2: Is this transplant truly necessary?
3: Is dialysis absolutely out of the question?
4: Akagi-san has Type 1 diabetes.
5: She has taken damage to her kidneys as well as her pancreas.
6: It's statistically clear
7: that patients with multiple organ failure are not expected to survive for long.
8: But she won't die immediately, will she?

1: She is experiencing angina.
2: If the symptoms persist, her body will no longer be able to withstand surgery.
3: If the damage extends to her heart,
4: she will be in critical need of a transplant.
5: At this rate, I cannot guarantee that she will live for another three years.
6: It's now or never.
7: Now is the only chance we have
8: to prolong her life.

1: Do you know about the Hippocratic Oath?
2: The father of medicine in Ancient Greece, Hippocrates created it.
3: There are many facilities that exist now that use this oath as their guidelines.
4: Or the Declaration of Lisbon on the Rights of the Patient as released by the World Medical Association.
5: There are many other medical charters and codes out there,
6: but they all basically say the same thing:

1: All patients have the right to wish for their health.
2: All doctors are required to warmly care for their patients.
3: In other words, "all doctors must do all they can for the patients before them."
4: Don't you think it all sounds a bit arrogant?

1: Is saving a single patient
2: really that important?
3: Or is saving 100 patients that aren't yours
4: the more respectable option?
5: Don't you think it's better to let one die
6: and save 100 instead?
7: Do you think it's alright to allow medicine
8: that causes disadvantages for 100 all for the sake of one person?

1: Remember, you're a doctor.
2: Do you think it's alright to take time off from your normal duties to undergo this surgery?
3: You may be able to save a lot of patients during that time.
4: Your kidney is also a limited health resource.
5: You will never run out of patients.
6: Why Akagi-san?
7: In this case, saving a single patient
8: means deceiving other patients and stripping them of their rights.

1: You are deceiving
2: and stealing.
3: You...
4: Medical staff...the patients in front of you...
5: Your future patients...other patients beyond here...our society...our hospitals...
6: Choose your answer from this list of limitless options.
7: If you think that the only patients you can save are the ones in front of your eyes,
8: then you should quit being a doctor.

1: For these reasons,
2: I cannot permit this transplant.

1: Mutsumi-sensei.
2: I just took Akagi-san's temperature, and she had a bit of a fever.
3: I thought I should tell you about it.
4: I can't get in touch with Saitou-sensei.

1-2: klak

1: rattle

1: I'm sorry...
2: I feel like I forced you to come out here.
3: The ethics committee meeting is going on right now, isn't it?
4: Saitou-sensei's probably really pushing himself
5: as usual...

1: Akagi-san...
2: If the transplant goes well, what do you want to do?
3: Saitou-sensei asked me the same thing.
4: Transplanting a kidney
5: means that the donor loses one of their possibilities.
6: The person who receives it needs to live enough to make up for that.
7: People who live without any specific goal
8: have no right to receive a kidney, I think.

1: I want to be normal...
2: I want to have a normal job, eat food,
3: and fall in love.
4: Sorry...
5: I'm stealing a kidney from the person you love, and this is all I can say.

1: I...
2: I'm jealos of you.
3: If I was in your shoes,
4: I think Saitou-sensei would have tried to give me his kidney too.
5: But I'm healthy.
6: Sorry. That's a terrible thing to say.
7: He's a doctor.
8: If he sees someone sick, he can't ignore them.

1: You think...
2: I don't know that?
3: crunch...
4: Akagi-san...
5: Do you like Saitou-sensei?

p1: fssh...
1: You don't need to worry about hurting my feelings.
2: Can you just tell me how you really feel?

1: I do...

1: Doctors...
2: exist to save singular patients.

1: It's the job of researchers and politicians
2: to think about how to save the other 100.
3: I'm a doctor...
4: If what I'm doing is wrong,
5: then please revoke my license.
6: Human death is saddening.
7: I don't want to dull that sentiment.
8: If I can save a patient in front of me,
9: then I don't need anything else.

1: Saving Akagi-san...
2: is my sole wish!