Chapter 50 - Last Supper


tl by dan luffey

1: I'm going to keep frying everything, okay, mom?
2: Ah...OK...
3: I'll leave it to you, then.
4: Sorry for making you help out so soon.
5: You can go sit down if you want.
6: No, it's alright.
7: I'd rather do something.
8: I'm so surprised, though.
9: I didn't know Eijirou had such a cute girlfriend.

Chapter 50 - Last Supper

1: You really surprised me, Eijirou...
2: Is she what you wanted to talk to us about?
3: Um...no, dad.
4: It's about...um...
5: Are you getting married?
p: tweedly-dee

1: I'm not.
p2: thud
2: I didn't say I'll never get married.
3: Just not yet.
4: Why?
5: Pray tell?!
6: She...Minagawa-san...
7: I mean, Yukiko...is really important to me,
8: It's true that I wanted to use this opportunity to introduce you to her,

1: Sorry, dad...
2: I know it's really sudden.
3: Oh really? I'll try it too then.
4: Are you done over there, Yukiko-chan?
5: We ate lunch before we came.
6: And unfortunately, we have go back tonight, so we don't have time to eat dinner.
7: Now, now, don't say that. Eat.
8: Your mom's been preparing food since morning.

1: Dad...
2: Can I talk to you about something serious?
3: The truth is...
4: I have a friend who needs a kidney transplant.
5: She's a female co-worker of mine.
6: Without it, she may not live through the next few years.

1: fzzzz
2: Wow, so you're an RN?
3: Is that what they call them these days?
4: Officially, yes.
5: We still call ourselves nurses though.
6: Huh? You're 26?
7: Wow, you don't look it. I thought you were around 20.

1: You goddamned fool!

1: Fuck...
2: Hey, what's wrong, dear?
3: What happened?
4: Oh, look, you spilled the tea.
5: Let me wipe it up.
6: Mom...
7: Eijirou's going to donate his kidney.

1: He's going to give it to some girl he knows
2: who has a kidney disease.
3: What's going on here, Eijirou?
4: A friend of mine needs a kidney.

1: Her kidney stopped functioning due to complications from her Type 1 diabetes.
2: Now, she's experiencing angina as a result of everything.
3: I don't want her to die.
4: If I give her my kidney, she could be saved.
5: Hold on a minute, Eijirou.
6: What'll happen to you if you do that?
7: Everyone has two kidneys. Losing one is no big deal.
8: I'll be able to continue my life as always.
9: We'll use an endoscope, so I'll be back to normal in no time, and it'll hardly leave any scars.

1: She needs my kidney
2: to go on living.
3: Minagawa-san...
4: Are you the girl who needs his kidney?
5: It's not her...

1: He wants to give his kidney to some other nurse as a present.
2: Someone 4 years older than him...
3: What?
4: I don't understand this.
5: Did you know about this, Minagawa-san?
6: gulp

p1: slap
1: Get out.
2: You're disgusting.
3: Get out.

p1: stand
1: Let's go,
2: Yukiko...
3: rattle
p4: lurch

1: Wait.
2: If you leave now, you'll never be allowed back in here.
3: I don't know who she is,
4: but is she more important than your own family?
5: If you leave now, you won't be our child anymore.
6: Big bro...

1: We gave you that body...
2: How dare you...

sign: Uchikawa Station

1: vroom
2: screech
3: klak

1: Your mom wanted you to take this.
2: There's no way we can eat all of what she made.
3: A lunchbox?
4: Your "Last Supper."

1: Aren't you going to eat it?

1: Let me have it.
2: I'll eat it if you won't.
3: Mmm, it's good.
4: Your mom's a good cook.
5: Here, you should have some too, sensei.
6: She worked hard to make all this.
7: Say aaaah.
8: It's really good.

1: Stop it...
2: I...
3: like you, sensei...
4: Even if everyone in the world hates you,
5: my feelings won't change.

1-2: rattle
3: Hey, sensei...
4: Break up with me and go out with Akagi-san.
5: She likes you too, you know.
6: I can tell just by looking at her.
7: Stop it...

1: I'll give my kidney to Akagi-san...
2: So you can...
3: live happily ever after with her.