Chapter 49 - Mother and Daughter


tl by dan luffey

1: I'm donating my kidney to Akagi-san.
2: I wanted to tell you as soon as possible,
3: so I apologize for being unable to get this information to you for so long.
p4: rattle...
4: Akagi-san?

1: I need to go see Kaori again.
Chapter 49 - Mother and Daughter

p2: rattle
1: Why do you want to see her now?
2: Well, because...
3: I need to talk things over with her better.

1: Are you going to give her your kidney this time?!
2: Can I?
3: I heard that you were sick.
4: A few years ago, I had cancer,
5: but it got better.

1: People with a history of cancer cannot donate their organs.
2: Or do you mean you'll convince her sister?
3: Are you her boyfriend or something?
4: No...

1: Kaori-san worked at Eiroku Hospital until last year. She was my co-worker.
2: She helped me many times during my work, and I deeply respect her.
3: I've already finished the tests.
4: There's no medical problem with our transplant.
5: Are your parents fine with that?
6: I need to go see Kaori again.

1: Nothing will change by seeing her again.
2: If you really want to meet with her, how about scheduling another day?
3: I'm an unfair person.
4: When Kaori collapsed due to her illness,
5: I cried all day.

1: Meanwhile,
2: my husband quietly smiled.
3: On the day she got her transplant,
4: my husband was smiling ear to ear.
5: I was crying in the hospital hallway,
6: but honestly, I felt a little relieved.
7: Even now, I feel the same way.
8: Finding out that I can't give my kidney to her made me feel a little relieved.
9: Even when I was unable to get in touch with Kaori,
10: I bet there was actually more I could have done.

1: Of course, I did all I could think of.
2: I talked to the police and went to the nursing school that Kaori had attended.
3: But when you came to my house,
4: I didn't run into the snow after Kaori.
5: All I ever do is keep myself in a safe zone,
6: crying and feeling sad...

1: I'm going to apologize to her.
2: I'm sorry
3: that you had to get involved with this.
4: I'm sorry...

1: I'll call Akagi-san out.
2: It may be noisy for the other patients if we talk in her room.

1: What did you talk about?
2: Nothing.
3: You didn't talk?

1: All she did was apologize.
2: That's all...
3: I could do, too.
4: We didn't say a thing about the future.
5: Those 10 years on my own...
6: I enjoyed them.
7: It may sound strange,
8: but you know, I always felt there was a possibility I could run into her someday.

1: But now I realize...
2: that even if I had run into her, it wouldn't have changed anything.
3: She never changes.
4: Thanks, sensei...
5: I'm glad I could talk to her one last time.
6: And I'm sorry.
7: All I ever do is rely on you.
8: Would you mind consoling me now too?

1: Now...
2: I'm really all alone.

1: Hello. Mom?
2: Will you be at home on Sunday?
3: Huh? Wow, Eijirou, this is a surprise!
4: Did something happen?
5: No, I just have some business back home.
6: Nah, it's nothing like that.
7: click...

1-2: vvvbb
3: Hello Minagawa-san...

1: Are you sure about this?
2: Yeah.
3: I didn't tell her about you, Minagawa-san.
4: If I did, she'd probably get really happy and call all my relatives.
5: Sensei. My name...
6: Hey, Yukiko...
7: Are you sure you want to go with me?
8: You might hear some severe things.

1: pshoo

p1: fsssh...
p4: Saitou

1-3: snap
4: I'm home.
5: Oh my, welcome back.
6: You're so early!

1: I'm home, mom.
2: I have something important to talk to you about.
3: Ah...
4: OK...