Chapter 47 - A Visitor


tl by dan luffey

Chapter 47 - A Visitor
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Chapter 47 - A Visitor

1: click
2: How did it go?!
3: Sensei!
4: Did they give us permission?!

1: No...
2: The ethics committee would not permit a transplant between you and Akagi-san.
3: They had a problem with the paperwork
4: and told me to bring back after it was fixed.
5: In other words, we've got another chance.

1: A small group from the ethics committee will meet again after this week.
2: If we re-submit the paperwork there, they'll give us another hearing.
3: I want you to come too.
4: Stand before the committee
5: and convince them that this transplant should be done.

1: Apparently, this rooftop cafe is closing after this month.
2: Guess it means that department store rooftops aren't very popular anymore.
3: Sorry, Saitou-sensei,
4: for calling you all the way out here.
5: It's alright...
6: But it's cold, so can we go inside the restaurant?
7: I'm fine here.
8: We won't be long.

1: So the Professor told you about Miwa-chan?
2: Do you remember what I told you once,
3: Saitou-sensei?
4: About you eventually withdrawing your own status as a donor.
5: All you're going to do is bring sorrow to Akagi-san.
6: Withdraw your donor status as soon as you can.

1: Saitou-sensei.
2: do you remember what I told you once?
3: I've seen lots of patients who received kidney transplants.
4: But I've never met a single one who regretted the transplant.
5: Miwa-chan committed suicide before getting the transplant.
6: If she had actually gotten the transplant, she would've been happy.
7: If Akagi-san can just get her transplant, she'll become happy too.

1: Saitou-sensei...
2: You can't back out now.
3: You're just like how I was in the past...
4: the old Mutsumi-sensei.
5: The Professor's daughter
6: and Akagi-san and I are completely different situations.

1: You say you've never met a single patient who regretted a transplant,
2: but perhaps they were only unable to tell someone that they truly regretted it. And besides, patients who don't want transplants won't get them in the first place.
3: The idea of a mere transplant making someone happy...
4: that's just how you WANT things to be, isn't it?
5: You want to justify what Mutsumi-sensei died.
6: That's why you're saying all this, isn't it?
7: I'm not Kondou-sensei,
8: nor am I Mutsumi-sensei.
9: I'm me...

1: So, what are you going to do?
2: Simply stand beside Akagi-san in silence
3: as her body slowly deteriorates?
4: Give her your kidney, and you can save her.
5: Just give her your kidney, and then you can go off and have a happy life with your girlfriend.

1: Enough of your misogynistic bullshit.
2: Minagawa-san, was it?
3: Your girlfriend's name.
4: If you aren't the old me...
5: then who's playing my role?
6: Stories where everyone gets happy in the end
7: don't exist in this world.

1: Minagawa-san...

1: You should have just waited here.
2: Yeah...
3: It was today, wasn't it?
4: How did things go
5: with the ethics committee?

1: It was no good.
2: They're going to meet again after this week.
3: I'm going to have to go up in front of them
4: and state my opinion directly.
5: What are you going to talk about?
6: I don't know.

1: I've gotten so many people involved in this,
2: and I still don't know what I'm supposed to do.
3: Sorry...
4: All I do...is hurt you.
5: Hey, sensei...do you remember
6: when you told me you were going to go visit your family before the surgery?

1: Are you still going to do that?
2: Yeah...
3: I want to go see them.
4: Can I come with you?

1: I want to watch
2: everything you do.

1: I see...you're Akagi Kaori-san's mother?
2: Yes...I heard she was working here...
3: Please wait a moment.
4: I'm going to search our employee database.
5: I'm very sorry,
6: but Kaori-san left us at the end of last year.

1: Sensei,
2: someone's here to see you.
3: Apparently it's Akagi-san's mother.
4: She came to see Akagi-san.
5: I told her that I wasn't able to tell her any personal information about where Akagi-san is now,
6: but then she said that someone named Saitou-sensei should be here.