Chapter 46 - An Incomplete Memento


tl by dan luffey

p2: Takanawa Miwa

Chapter 46 - An Incomplete Memento

1: Knock knooock.
2: I'm coming in, Miwa-chan.

1: What's wrong?
2: Your cards are all over the place.
3: I don't want them anymore.
4: You don't want them?
5: I...
6: don't believe in fortunetelling anymore.

1: I don't believe in fate.
2: I'm going to decide things for myself.
3: OK...
4: If that's how you feel, Miwa-chan, then I think that's fine.
5: That reminds me...
6: You're switching hospitals next week.
7: It'll be two more weeks until the surgery, though.
8: It'll be better if you get used to your new hospital first.

1: One night right before her surgery...
2: my daughter jumped out the hospital window.

p1: creak
1: Here's the deck she always used.
2: Kondou-kun and Mutsumi-chan searched desperately for them the next day...
3: but there was a few cards they never found.
4: The least she could have done was leave behind a will.

1: Even after my daughter died,
2: I didn't want to admit that I was wrong.
3: So I engorged myself deeper and deeper into surgery.
4: I cut out as many brain dead kidneys as I could.
5: My only reason for living now was to establish the kidney transplant law.
6: Now that I think about it...
7: I had probably just lost all control of myself.

1: And one day, I accidentally extracted a pancreas along with a kidney.
2: The paramedics were unable to go on looking any longer, and reported me to a civic organization
3: that eventually sued me for murder and mutilation of a corpse.
4: That civic organization was actually composed mostly of medical professionals who were against the establishment of the brain death law.
5: They were an organization in name only, and had filled their ranks with patients and lawyers who felt the same way they did.
6: In court, the case was dropped due to a lack of evidence,
7: but I was never allowed to do another transplant.

1: The public prosecutor came to the hospital,
2: as did people from the media. They made a big fuss.
3: Then, two years later...
4: Kondou-kun and Mutsumi-chan got married.
5: They had no ceremony.
6: They simply submitted their marriage registration on the anniversary of my daughter's death.
7: The three of us are still searching
8: for those lost cards.

1: Can I ask one question,
2: Professor?
3: In the end, Professor...
4: why were you so adamant about promoting brain death kidney transplants?
5: Was it all just for your daughter?
6: Or...
7: did you really want to advance that field of medicine?

1: It was to save my daughter.
2: I wanted to save my daughter for myself.
3: Advancing transplant medicine was also just for myself.

1: The one thing I was never able to get rid of, right up until the end...
2: was my "ego."
p2: fsssh
3: Saitou-kun...
4: Do you know why I told you all this?

1: Because I want to see what happens.
2: Do you have any hope about where your ego will take you?
3: Is your ego...
4: capable of making someone happy?
5: Or will your ego burn you up...
6: until "you" no longer exist?

1: On February 10,
2: the ethics committee met again.

1: This meeting will decide Akagi-san's transplant for good.
2: Will I be able to give my kidney to her?
3: Will I be able...
4: to make her happy?